Assistance Services

Are you first time in Ukraine?

You don´t speak Russian or Ukrainian and you are afraid that nobody will understand you?

Don’t worry. We will be your language, arms, eyes, ears while you are here. And this is not an exaggeration perhaps a common practice which comes as a complimentary service with our surrogacy programme. We will book a flat for you and we will make sure that you like it; we will pick you up at the airport, take you to the apartment, suggest cozy restaurants and cafés where you can spend a nice time and give you all the necessary advice that you may need.

Notwithstanding all the anterior we will provide you with personalized assistance and interpretation during your stay in Odessa, including a welcome breakfast in one of the city´s best restaurants and free city sightseeing. We want you to feel happy and pleased as if you were expending this time in holidays. It is important that you feel positive and relaxed before performing the medical tests and procedures.

The assistance during the surrogacy program

As the schedule of the program progresses, we will keep you informed and updated about the progression of the program. Additionally we will regularly keep you updated about the health status of the surrogate mother and the development of pregnancy in general. Every month the Surrogate Mother will undergo a detailed pregnancy screening and a psychological consultation. After each screening we will send you a detailed report for assuring the health of the surrogate mother.