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Dr. Ruslan Sobolev

Dr. Ruslan Sobolev is one of the best doctors of Ukraine and worldwide in the field of reproductive medicine. We have the fortune to work tightly with him in our Surrogacy Programs. Now our customers will have the rare opportunity to be treated by this extraordinary doctor. Candidate of Medical Science, Senior Researcher. Work experience: 30 years.
Experience: has been working in the field of reproductive medicine since 1996.
Training: Scientific Center of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, under the guidance of Professor B.V. Leonov), Goettingen Medical University (Göttingen, Germany, under the guidance of Professor Michelmann).
During the years 1998-1999 and under the guidance of Professor V. N. Zaporozhan, Dr. Sobolev created and headed the Department of Reproductive Medicine at the Odessa State Medical University.
In the year 2009 he was a co-founder of the Reproductive Clinic "Lada" in Odessa and until December 2013 he worked as the Medical Director of this clinic.
Dr. Sobolev is author of many scientific works published in Ukraine and abroad.
Member of ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology) since 1996.
Member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine. Founder and Owner of the Clinic “Academium” (Odessa).

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Dr. Oleksandr Petrenko

Dr. Oleksandr is a Medical Doctor, graduated from the National Medical University of Odessa in 2016, specialized in General Medicine. Dr. Oleksandr was trained as a Clinical Embryologist in the Clinic of Reproductive Health “Dary Lady” and is currently able to perform all of the routines involved in IVF procedures. He is author/co-author of several research articles on Human pathology, Cancer and Bioethics. His social experience (NGO for patient´s education, United Nations General Assembly speech for an equal access to medicine, works done under Sustainment Development Goals) allows him to cooperate with our patients in a frank way and to seek the opportunity to increase the chances of a good outcome in any case.