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surrogacy in Ukraine

Building a family via surrogacy in Ukraine

Building a family via surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy Surrogate motherhood is a particular procedure when the pregnancy is not borne by the future mother but the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother carries a child for the intended parent (s). After birth, the prospective parents adopt the child.

There are several reasons in Ukraine to look for a surrogate mother and to be a surrogate mother: perhaps pregnancy is not wise in connection with your health or physically not possible.

How do you find a surrogate mother and what are the rules?

The clinics give part of medical services to patients, the legislation of countries that allow surrogate motherhood. Regarding the choice of a foster mother and supporting the legal section in this question – we recommend patients to address other organizations. If the issue about the selection of a surrogate mother is resolved, thorough medical and psychological examination of a potential surrogate mother is conducted before the beginning of treatment in Ukraine for its suitability and readiness to participate in such a program.   If everything is okay and all parties are satisfied, the treatment process begins with stimulation of the patient or donor superovulation (if it is necessary to donate the donor’s egg cells). In these procedures, the eggs of the surrogate mother are not used, and the child will not be genetically native to her.

After the maturation of the follicles, these eggs are scored, and under the conditions of the embryology laboratory, fertilisation takes place with the sperm of the patient’s partner or the donor. Obtained embryos were transferred to the womb of a surrogate mother, where pregnancy will develop.  There are different ways in which the surrogacy in Ukraine mothers can carry a child for the prospective parents: low-technological surrogacy and high-tech surrogacy.

Low-tech surrogacy

In low technological surrogacy, an egg cell of the surrogate mother is fertilised by natural means or using artificial insemination with the seed of the intended parent.

The surrogate mother is, in this case, the biological mother of the child. It occurs, for example, when the wish-mother does not have any oocytes (anymore), or the prospective parents are two men.

High technology surrogacy

In highly technological surrogacy, fertilisation takes place outside the womb using IVF or ICSI. The egg is from the wish-mother or a donor and is fertilised by the sperm cell of the wish-father. The fertilised egg is then placed in the womb of the surrogate mother. In this case, the wishing mother can be the biological mother of the child, but that does not have to be the case – in the case of a donor. Sometimes, mothers who are unable to use their egg cells, for example, can use an egg cell for a sister or other family member, so that the child will still look like both parents.  Because doctors are always involved in high-tech surrogacy in Ukraine, there are rules for those who can use them. In some years back, a professional group of gynaecologists took the following position as surrogacy in Ukraine is a concern: Desire mothers with a severe condition, which makes a pregnancy potentially life-threatening or undesirable, are eligible for surrogacy. Earlier, only mothers without a womb, but with functioning ovaries, were available for surrogacy.

Homosexual male prospective parents are eligible for surrogacy in Ukraine. Due to the medical risks and chances of success, there are limits to the age of the egg donor (up to 43 years) and the age of the surrogate mother (up to 45 years).  In Ukrainian clinics, there are a lot of child orders – within ten years only in one of them the number of births has increased tenfold. Also, the number of pretenders to give birth to other children along with the progressive impoverishment of the country is overgrowing; one can choose among them as in the goods in the store

How do you find a surrogate mother?

In Ukraine, there is a commercial surrogacy. The non-commercial surrogacy is not allowed. It means that you are not allowed to pay the surrogate mother for carrying the child, apart from an expense allowance.

Wish parents and potential surrogate mothers are not allowed to place calls on social media, for example. Mediating between supply and demand is also prohibited. The finding of a surrogate mother therefore often takes place through their environment.  The surrogate mother from abroad Because of the ban on commercial surrogacy in the many countries, more and more prospective parents are moving overseas.

Countries such as India, Ukraine and some American states allow commercial surrogacy. There are agencies there that mediate between prospective parents and surrogate mothers. There are (high) costs associated with engaging a foreign surrogate mother.  Also, the anonymous donation of ova and sperm cells is often permitted. In Ukraine, this is not possible: here every child has the right to know his parents, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Something else to watch out for: in some countries, surrogate mothers are being exploited or forced to be surrogate mothers. In that case, there is trafficking in human beings.

If you are looking for a surrogate mother abroad, pay attention to the financial and health risks. If they lie with the surrogate mother, this could indicate exploitation.  Legal Bear in mind that in some countries it is difficult to arrange for the child to become legally legitimate after delivery and to take him to any other country. In Ukraine, for example, the prospective parents are seen directly as legal parents.  Parents of a child born by a surrogate have the right as well as natural parents to give this child to a nursing home without giving a reason, although they must pay a proxy for his birth. Thus, the defective goods (a sick child, crippled, not quite beautiful) turn to the store, meaning to the nursing home.

Make appointments

Whether you know the surrogate (well), or not at all: it is in all cases significant to make explicit agreements to maintain a good relationship with each other. Who pays the costs of pregnancy (courses, physiotherapy, position clothes, etc.)? Who is there at the birth, and what will be the role of the surrogate mother after birth? For detailed information on surrogacy in Ukraine visit https://surrogacybypons.com/

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