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Important things that you should know about vitamin D

Important things that you should know about vitamin D

In this article we will talk about facts that everyone should know about vitamin D. Taking Vitamin D should be only after measuring it contain in the blood and the doses should be prescribed only by your doctor.

Pons Medical Research is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine. We recommend consumption of Vitamins should only be under the guidance of fertility specialist. Pons Medical Research have a good database of surrogate mothers, who meet all the Surrogate Mother Qualifications. It is a necessary for all the aspiring surrogate mothers to comply with the Surrogate Qualifications.

Let’s start with the main vitamin, the level of which you need to know if you have problems with weight severe food dependence, hormonal problems, allergies, lower immunity and other. VITAMIN D is the answer. VITAMIN D becomes particularly important during the pregnancy.
1. We recommend you to do the test for vitamin D. Norms of the Ukrainian association of endocrinologists. * <10 ng / ml – a pronounced deficit; * <20 – deficiency; * 20-30 – insufficiency; * 30-100 – adequate level (target values when correcting the deficit of vit.D – 30-60); *> 150 – a toxic effect is possible.
2. Do not be in a hurry to take vitamin D preparations. Determination of the dose of the preparation is individual and it depends on the genotype.
The second thing that needs to be done is a genetic test for the assimilation of vitamin D.

There are 2 types of genes:

-One DBP is responsible for the transfer of vitamin D.
-Other VDR is responsible for the activity of vitamin D recipient receptors.

If a person has a little amount of receptors, then delivering of vitamin D, large doses of 5000-1000 U, is needed during 2-3 months. If there are many receptors, but the DBP gene-transporter is damaged, then maintenance medium doses of 2000-3000 U are sufficient during 2 months. If the gene-carrier of DBP is damaged and there are few receptors, then high doses of vitamin D need to be taken for a long-term period. When the receptors and the carrier are normal or the changes are insignificant, it is enough to include in the diet products with richer vitamin D content and whenever possible to take sunbaths.

Remember that sunscreens block vitamin D. Depending on the place of residence, a person should be in the sun from 12 to 30 minutes with 50% of the body open. If there is no such opportunity every day, then we must compensate for NUTRITION.

It is now “fashionable” to prescribe to everyone a large dose of vitamin D, which can be dangerous. In a situation when receptors are normal, the big doses of Vitamin D can accumulate and render toxic effect and will have bad influence on the liver. There will be allergies, cholesterol and obesity. When you know the level of vitamin D and digestibility, you can safely prescribe drugs and dosage.

And now the experts are concerned and worried that we’re passing an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency down to the future generations. Studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency may imprint on an infant for the rest of its life. Infants that are deficient at birth can remain Vitamin D deficient for the first several months after birth, which may put them at risk of developing many chronic diseases much later in life.

PonsMedicalResearch is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine. Pons Medical Research is having a very rich database of surrogate mothers, who meet all the Surrogate Mother Qualifications. It is a must for all the aspiring surrogate mothers to comply with the Surrogate Qualifications. Pons Medical research will help you to become parents even in very difficult conditions.

How to save your youth and make it longer

How to save your youth and make it longer

The good nutrition and the limited sugar intake will save your youth and will help you to keep yourself in goodshape for long.

Pons Medical Research is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine with the best pediatricians; we understand Dietary Needs of a Pregnant Woman and needs of Nutrition during Pregnancy.

How does the age affect the metabolism? Are there any other ways to influence on it?

1) It’s not up to the calories, it’s up to the hormones.
Very often we can hear: “I used to eat cakes every night, but my stomach is always flat in the morning”. Everything you have eaten before was actively metabolized, but it changes as you get older.

The activity of some hormones decreases with age. There are two critical periods:
-After 30-32 years, the activity of sex hormones can decrease fourfold.
-After 45 years, it decreases from six to eight-fold.

The sooner you start to change eating behavior, the better. Remember, that your body can accumulate an experience of its wrong behavior because of your destructive habits. And some day your brain will stop to generate necessary quantities of important fat-burning hormones – endorphin, dopamine and serotonin. Changes in dietary patterns might reduce not only your emotional background and make you more happy and satisfied, but to make you younger and thinner. You will never feel sleepy or tired and your eyes will never hurt. Eating healthy you press the button of youth. Choosing an active lifestyle you change your hormonal balance. For example, when you start to dance, dopamine is produced. And endorphin is produced during crouching or stretching.

The main thing is that all these hormones depend on our activity.

When something unexpected and pleasant for us happens, serotonin increase and it could go on for the whole week. We lose our weight when we are in love because of hormones in our blood. It is necessary to understand how our bodies work at least owing to the possibility of using this knowledge for our health and figures. So, think about yourself at 20 years old and try to reproduce that feeling again.
2) All your happiness in food. Unfortunately, some people from adult generation prefer food instead of fun. What to do?
-Romance and passion in a pair
3) The last decrease in the amount of protein. With age, many people complain about the lack of appetite (for protein, not for sugar).
-This is due to a general decrease in metabolic reactions.
-Symptoms: a little protein, there is no satiety, a decrease in the activity of hormones, no fat burning.

The sugar as a main enemy of society

  1. Consumption of excessive amounts of sweets and products with a high glycemic index causes wrinkles!

British Journal of Dermatology writes that the consumption of sugar triggers a process of glycation, in which sugars are attached to proteins and form harmful molecules called “final glycation products.” They destroy the brain and damage the proteins collagen and elastin, which maintain the elasticity and density of the skin. The more sugar you consume, the more you destroy these proteins and aggravate wrinkles on your face.

Therefore, when you go to kill the fillers one more time, or use handfuls of collagen, work on the main link-remove a large amount of refined sugar from the diet. But even for fruit-dried fruit, you need to know the measure.

  1. “Final glycation products” are formed when eating food heated more than 120 degrees. Fried meat, potatoes, pies and desserts, grill including. The golden crust is the “final glycation products”. The most useful cooking methods: steaming, stewing and languishing. Fried food is not a daily meal, do not eat fried food more than 1-2 times a week.
  2. It is recommended to give the level of vitamins of group B to all women over 40-45 years.
    These vitamins are synthesized by the intestinal microflora. If you eat a lot of sugar, the quality of the microflora worsens (yeast reproduce) and there is no synthesis of such important vitamins.
  3. “Final glycation products” provoke inflammation in the vessels. Ultimately, this is the risk of strokes. Remind parents with arterial hypertension about the complete elimination of added sugar. No medicine will work if you provoke oxidative stress throughout the body.

Pons Medical Research is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine with best pediatricians; we understand Dietary Needs of a Pregnant Woman and the importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy. Pons Medical research will help you to become parents even in very difficult conditions.


The Uterus: ageing, abnormalities and new biological insights

The Uterus: ageing, abnormalities and new biological insights

The Uterus is the main organ of the reproductive system of the woman. In this article, we will learn about the uterus, its sizes, abnormalities and changes along the life.

Pons Medical Research is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine.

We recommend informing your fertility specialist about any symptoms of uterus abnormality as soon as possible to have a healthy pregnancy. Pons Medical Research offers Guaranteed Pregnancy under our Guaranteed Surrogacy Program. Contact us for a free consultation on your infertility issues.


The uterus is a smooth-muscular hollow organ located in a woman’s pelvic area. In shape, the uterus resembles a pear and is mainly intended for bearing a fertilized egg during pregnancy. The weight of the uterus of a nulliparous woman is about 50 g (for nulliparous – from 30 to 50 g, for those giving birth – from 80 to 100 g), the length is 7 to 8 cm, and the largest width is about 5 cm. Owing to the elastic walls, the uterus can grow to 32 cm in height and 20 cm in width, sustaining a fruit weighing up to 5 kg. During the menopause the size of the uterus decreases, atrophy of its epithelium occurs, sclerotic changes in blood vessels.

The uterus is located in the cavity of the small pelvis between the bladder and rectum. Normally it is tilted anteriorly, on both sides, it is supported by special ligaments, which do not allow it to descend and, at the same time, provide the necessary minimum of movement. Due to these ligaments, the uterus is able to react to changes in neighboring organs (for example, bladder overflow) and to take an optimal position for itself: the uterus can move back when the bladder is filled, forward with a rectum overflow, rise up during pregnancy.

The attachment of the ligaments is very complicated, and it is its nature that is the reason why it is not recommended for a pregnant woman to raise her hands high: this position of the hands leads to a strain of the ligament of the uterus, to the tension of the uterus itself and its displacement. This, in turn, can cause unnecessary displacement of the fetus during late pregnancy.

The size of the uterus is not the same in all women, but depends on:

-the number of children;
-from the presence in the anamnesis of frozen pregnancies, miscarriages or abortions;
-postoperative diseases and operations;

But nevertheless, there are frames that determine the norm size of a healthy uterus:

-when performing ultrasound, determine;
-longitudinal dimension – (= length;
-transverse dimension – (= width;
-anteroposterior size – (= thickness.

The size of the uterus changes during the woman’s life:
-with the onset of puberty;
-in the time of pregnancy;
-and in the period of postmenopause;

The newborn female uterus is about four centimeters long. By the end of the year, an involution of the organ will take place, it will decrease approximately twice and it will be the same up to 7 years of age. From the seven years-old age until the end of the period of puberty, it gradually increases and acquires normal parameters.

What is considered as normal?

For a mature woman who has not given birth, the size of the uterus is normal, if the length, including the cervix is 7-7.9 cm, the width is 3 to 3.9 cm, the anteroposterior dimension is in the range of 2 to 4.5 cm and, finally, the thickness of the uterus – from 2 to 4 cm. During the gestation period, the uterus grows naturally and can reach 32 cm in length and up to 20 cm in width;
In the postpartum period, the uterus begins to shrink at a rapid pace and returns to the previous dimensions.

The size of the uterus increases due to various pathological conditions:

-uterine myoma;
With an increase in the size of the uterus, a woman may be disturbed of such symptoms:
-belly in the lower abdomen;
-urinary incontinence;
-violations of the menstrual cycle, increased blood loss during critical days;
-increase in body weight.
If the ultrasound reveals a decrease in the size of the uterus, it is said that uterine hypoplasia starts. There are several degrees:
-hypoplasia of the uterus;
-aplasia of the uterus.
Depending on the severity of uterine hyperplasia, the following symptoms are possible:
-late onset of menstruation;
-the delay of puberty;
-reducing the libido;
-irregular cycle or absence of menstruation;
-problems with the onset and pregnancy.

Carrying out hormone replacement therapy can help increase the size of the uterus, which increases the likelihood of successful pregnancy. The only exception is aplasia of the uterus, pregnancy in this situation is possible only as a result of IVF with the transfer of the embryo to the surrogate mother.

Pons Medical Research wishes you a healthy pregnancy, full of great emotions and good health!

Building a family via surrogacy in Ukraine

Building a family via surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy Surrogate motherhood is a particular procedure when the pregnancy is not borne by the future mother but the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother carries a child for the intended parent (s). After birth, the prospective parents adopt the child.

There are several reasons in Ukraine to look for a surrogate mother and to be a surrogate mother: perhaps pregnancy is not wise in connection with your health or physically not possible.

How do you find a surrogate mother and what are the rules?

The clinics give part of medical services to patients, the legislation of countries that allow surrogate motherhood. Regarding the choice of a foster mother and supporting the legal section in this question – we recommend patients to address other organizations. If the issue about the selection of a surrogate mother is resolved, thorough medical and psychological examination of a potential surrogate mother is conducted before the beginning of treatment in Ukraine for its suitability and readiness to participate in such a program.   If everything is okay and all parties are satisfied, the treatment process begins with stimulation of the patient or donor superovulation (if it is necessary to donate the donor’s egg cells). In these procedures, the eggs of the surrogate mother are not used, and the child will not be genetically native to her.

After the maturation of the follicles, these eggs are scored, and under the conditions of the embryology laboratory, fertilisation takes place with the sperm of the patient’s partner or the donor. Obtained embryos were transferred to the womb of a surrogate mother, where pregnancy will develop.  There are different ways in which the surrogacy in Ukraine mothers can carry a child for the prospective parents: low-technological surrogacy and high-tech surrogacy.

Low-tech surrogacy

In low technological surrogacy, an egg cell of the surrogate mother is fertilised by natural means or using artificial insemination with the seed of the intended parent.

The surrogate mother is, in this case, the biological mother of the child. It occurs, for example, when the wish-mother does not have any oocytes (anymore), or the prospective parents are two men.

High technology surrogacy

In highly technological surrogacy, fertilisation takes place outside the womb using IVF or ICSI. The egg is from the wish-mother or a donor and is fertilised by the sperm cell of the wish-father. The fertilised egg is then placed in the womb of the surrogate mother. In this case, the wishing mother can be the biological mother of the child, but that does not have to be the case – in the case of a donor. Sometimes, mothers who are unable to use their egg cells, for example, can use an egg cell for a sister or other family member, so that the child will still look like both parents.  Because doctors are always involved in high-tech surrogacy in Ukraine, there are rules for those who can use them. In some years back, a professional group of gynaecologists took the following position as surrogacy in Ukraine is a concern: Desire mothers with a severe condition, which makes a pregnancy potentially life-threatening or undesirable, are eligible for surrogacy. Earlier, only mothers without a womb, but with functioning ovaries, were available for surrogacy.

Homosexual male prospective parents are eligible for surrogacy in Ukraine. Due to the medical risks and chances of success, there are limits to the age of the egg donor (up to 43 years) and the age of the surrogate mother (up to 45 years).  In Ukrainian clinics, there are a lot of child orders – within ten years only in one of them the number of births has increased tenfold. Also, the number of pretenders to give birth to other children along with the progressive impoverishment of the country is overgrowing; one can choose among them as in the goods in the store

How do you find a surrogate mother?

In Ukraine, there is a commercial surrogacy. The non-commercial surrogacy is not allowed. It means that you are not allowed to pay the surrogate mother for carrying the child, apart from an expense allowance.

Wish parents and potential surrogate mothers are not allowed to place calls on social media, for example. Mediating between supply and demand is also prohibited. The finding of a surrogate mother therefore often takes place through their environment.  The surrogate mother from abroad Because of the ban on commercial surrogacy in the many countries, more and more prospective parents are moving overseas.

Countries such as India, Ukraine and some American states allow commercial surrogacy. There are agencies there that mediate between prospective parents and surrogate mothers. There are (high) costs associated with engaging a foreign surrogate mother.  Also, the anonymous donation of ova and sperm cells is often permitted. In Ukraine, this is not possible: here every child has the right to know his parents, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Something else to watch out for: in some countries, surrogate mothers are being exploited or forced to be surrogate mothers. In that case, there is trafficking in human beings.

If you are looking for a surrogate mother abroad, pay attention to the financial and health risks. If they lie with the surrogate mother, this could indicate exploitation.  Legal Bear in mind that in some countries it is difficult to arrange for the child to become legally legitimate after delivery and to take him to any other country. In Ukraine, for example, the prospective parents are seen directly as legal parents.  Parents of a child born by a surrogate have the right as well as natural parents to give this child to a nursing home without giving a reason, although they must pay a proxy for his birth. Thus, the defective goods (a sick child, crippled, not quite beautiful) turn to the store, meaning to the nursing home.

Make appointments

Whether you know the surrogate (well), or not at all: it is in all cases significant to make explicit agreements to maintain a good relationship with each other. Who pays the costs of pregnancy (courses, physiotherapy, position clothes, etc.)? Who is there at the birth, and what will be the role of the surrogate mother after birth? For detailed information on surrogacy in Ukraine visit https://surrogacybypons.com/

How to make a decision to start a Surrogacy program?

How to make a decision to start a Surrogacy program?


From the early childhood, family has become the most important part of our life. I’ve always dreamt to have a big happy family with noisy kids and numerous relatives that can gather to spend holidays all together in a big house with New-Years tree or summer barbecue. I don’t know which dreams you have, but I’m totally sure, that if you’re reading this article, children exist in your dreams about a happy life.

Unfortunately, sometimes the road to our happiness is long and windy. Nowadays many couples worldwide face an unfavorable diagnosis – infertility. Of course, the reproductive system problems do not just appear from nowhere. Each case has its own specific reasons, background and circumstances. Even if you have met the most disappointing treatment results, there is no need to despair. Pons Medical Research carries out its activities on the territory of Ukraine, one of the few countries with exceptionally favorable legislation in the field of reproductive technologies in the whole world besides a highly qualified and customer-oriented medical workforce. We created our Surrogacy program to assist people to find a solution to this crucial question of their life.

The most common reasons why couples decide to apply to Surrogacy are the following:

– Not having a uterus because of a hysterectomy or being born without a functional uterus;

– Significant uterine abnormalities, including uterine scarring (Asherman’s Syndrome) and inability to develop a thick, supportive uterine lining;

– Significant medical conditions that make carrying a pregnancy risky for a woman’s health (such as hypertension) and other different diseases involving the internal organs, in which child bearing is contraindicated (a large group of diseases that can be of infectious, toxic, thermal, mechanical nature);

– Anatomical changes of the endometrium which have resulted in the loss of receptivity and that is not treatable;

– Chronic reproductive loss. Repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts (not less than 4 embryo-transfers) after obtaining high quality embryos (after an unsuccessful IVF procedure, the patient may use surrogacy or freeze their embryos in order to perform future embryo-transfers as a way to increase the chances of getting pregnant).

Surrogacy process is a big and complicated journey starting from “the decision point” to your trip home with the child. That’s why to make this journey accompanied by Pons Medical Research Team would be much easier for you. Nevertheless, the process of making choices in our life is quite difficult, especially if you need to take a decision that could change your life direction completely.

Is it scary to start Surrogacy program?

Well, it takes courage to admit your fear. Even from our side, as your companion, we feel excitement with each new client like everything happens for the first time. It takes efforts and a lot of time to be a part of a gradual process of life creation.

The biggest difficulty is that you will never know the crystal clear answer on the main question in your life, until you make the first step. Life is not a book, which you can flip through to know what will be in the end. Life is rather like a series of questions, mistakes and corrections. But ask yourself; won’t you regret not to have taken this this huge step towards parenthood in a five years term? Part of you believes that you are doing everything you can in the proper way, but until you try to do everything possible and impossible, some part of you will be punishing yourself for not doing more.

We all have to find our own ways to be happy. We can discuss the reasons why some couples start a Surrogacy program for hours. However, the main point is that Surrogacy has arisen not only because of technical capabilities and the emergence of modern equipment, but also because of the increasing of empathy level and mutual assistance.

Whatever happens, you will never lose if you keep moving. The most important changes in our life are not easy to come by; as usual doubts, concern or obstacles follow them. But good things happen to those who do the right things. Pons Medical Research Company believes that all together we can do very right things. Just make probably the main decision of your life – the decision to be happy.







How to select your surrogacy provider and which country to opt for?

How to select your surrogacy provider and which country to opt for?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects that a couple should base their surrogacy provider’s search. Thus, the 2 most important aspects when heading for surrogacy is to first chose the right country and then select the right surrogacy provider. Again, it is very important to research more and more, before getting into any decision, because it’s bliss to be a mother of a child.


In the recent years, Ukraine has witnessed a massive growth of surrogate pregnancy, supported by the transparent laws of Ukraine which welcomes foreigners and world class technological reach as compared of many other low cost surrogacy countries, Surrogacy cost Ukraine is leading the way forward for the excellent technology it offers. IVF and surrogacy is growing in Western Europe due to its lost cost and high end service quality and has been accelerating every day due to the closure of several popular destinations for intended parents.


Surrogacy may not be the original wish for a couple who decides to grow their family, however  the great encouragement and support of the Ukrainian government and the increasing demand for surrogacy have opened the gates of hope for intentional parents in Ukraine. Increasing number of surrogacy centers or Surrogacy agencies often leaves willful couples confused about where to go and what practices are best for them.


Surrogacy providers are companies specialized in this process of assisted reproduction that helps infertile couples choose the most appropriate assisted reproductive technology for having a baby according to their case. IVF and surrogacy is often being seen as the only ray of hope for growing the family of seeking couples. So, before deciding on any surrogacy provider, you should be 100% sure you are on the right path.


Ukraine tops the charts here, for its world class technology at very optimum costs. Fertility specialists check that the mothers must already have given birth to a first child in good physical and mental health. Many surrogate mothers, as well as oocyte donors, are chosen according to the color of the skin and eyes, the family antecedents, and even the level of study and the IQ. Large international companies and many famous fertility specialists are offering all sorts of services for commercial surrogacy, such as contracting, oocyte donation, and the selection of the surrogate mother.


Ukrainian fertility specialists and agencies are the first to use the unlimited possibilities of the Internet to publish their success stories. “Positive result guaranteed even in desperate cases”, “satisfied or reimbursed” can be read on some leading sites, while others even assure that in case of a first unsuccessful attempt of commercial surrogacy, customers “can continue their attempts with another surrogate mother or another ovum donor, until the procedure has come to fruition.


In recent years, many surrogacy consultancies and clinics have emerged all around the Ukraine that accompanies future parents throughout the surrogacy process. And, as surrogacy is illegal in many countries; these agencies act as a bridge between the future parents and the parties involved in the country of destination offering surrogacy services, which includes fertility clinics, rent belly agency, lawyers in the country of destination, donor agencies and more.


Here are some important checkpoints to take into account before you determine which surrogacy agency is eligible to be hired:
#1 The countries with which it works for.
#2 Number of years in the business.
#3 Number of clients who have trusted them to date.
#4 Number of cases handled successfully.
#5 If they have legal contacts in all the countries with which they work.
#6 If they work with international clients.
#7 If you have more than one fertility clinic to offer to prospective parents.
#8 Are their lawyers specialized in family law?
#8 Are their cost in acceptable standards and they are not overcharging.


You should thoroughly study the contracts of these consultancies and see how it is linked if any law changes in the country of destination, such as in Mexico, France, Australia, USA(some states) that has banned surrogacy for international patients.


In order to carefully choose the right surrogacy agency Ukraine and complete the process peacefully, there are few basic indicators that are essential to follow:
Reputed surrogacy agencies will never advice you to make all your payments in cash. Instead, they will offer you multiple reliable payment options, such as using cards or international bank transfers. Bank transfers and card payments give you a solid transactional history supervised by your bank itself, as a third party. It will save you from situations of unnecessary or unavoidable conflicts. Some reputed clinics like Pons Medical Research even offer payment arrangements in the country of origin of the couple and help the couple avoid international transfer inconveniences.


Another threat associated with cash payments, is theft or robbery, as carrying cash over the international borders is itself a set of issues. Every country has their own cash transportation limits for travelers, hence in case you are planning to carry a bigger amount you will have to go through the hassle of declaration submission and other related documentation. Take advice from your Surrogacy provider on how much to carry for the payment.


Secondly, make sure the rates you are being offered by the surrogacy agency are fair and according to the market standards. In case, the rates seem higher than usual or if they seem excessively low, there is probably a chance you are not dealing with a trustworthy agency. Pons Medical Research is a market leader in Ukraine for providing the best surrogacy technology at a very optimal cost in Ukraine surrogacy cost.


You will find many clinics that will offer you lower rates than the market price, but remember these clinics generally have a contract with older pregnant women rejected by reputed agencies or pregnant women who live in unsafe areas. Sometimes the reason for lower rates is skimming on the care for the pregnant woman during her pregnancy.


Your price chart for surrogacy generally consists of surrogate compensation, lodging, boarding, transportation, medical facilities, medicines, pregnancy supervision and all legal expenses. However, do not forget that there are other charges as well, which are not involved in the basic price paid by you to the surrogacy agency Ukraine. The extra costs are also detailed in the contracts of some good surrogacy providers.

Most common questions and ethical issues surrounding surrogate mothers

Most common questions and ethical issues surrounding surrogate mothers

Commercial surrogacy is the process in which a mother will offer her own uterus to get transferred embryos from another couple, due to different problems such as infertility, old age, social issues and more. In such cases, a couple decides to resort to surrogacy to give life to their own child. We are trying to answer some of the most common questions on surrogate mothers.


So what exactly happens when the surrogate mother gives birth?

Once the surrogate mother has given birth, she will renounce all the rights and obligations that she would have over the baby, and the intended parents become the legal guardians of the new born kid by all means.


Where did the surrogate gestation start from and how safe is it?
The surrogacy process originally began to take place in the US and this process is highly safe, for both for the mother and the child. For a candidate to finally gestate a baby for the Intended Parents, she must go through a large number of evaluations where she will finally be selected by a specialized surrogate gestation agency.


The surrogate mother, is it really important?
The surrogate mother is the most important part of the surrogacy process, as she is the one who will make your dream of becoming a parent come true. The surrogate mother is the person who gives birth to the baby that you so eagerly wish.


How do I find and select a surrogate mother?
Pons Medical Research helps you with that and helps you manage the relationship throughout the journey. Some clients are matched with a surrogate within days and others take some weeks’ time when they are looking for surrogate mother. We give you profiles to review and decide whom you would like to proceed with for your surrogate mother process.

Is the surrogate mother genetically linked to the baby?
No. There is no genetic connection between the baby and the surrogate mother. This is because the egg from which the baby is born is taken from a donor. In that case there is no possibility that the surrogate mother has any genetic connection with the baby.


How is the optimal surrogate mother evaluated?

Specialized surrogacy companies like Pons Medical Research take great care when choosing the optimal surrogate mother. The recruiting agency carries out a prior evaluation, as well as a medical, psychological, social background assessment (“compulsory” surrogate pregnancy is not allowed, it must be voluntary and consensual), with an obstetric review, among other things for completing the surrogate mother process.


What women cannot be chosen to be surrogate mothers?
Women who are in social exclusion, drug addiction, women with different medical problems, and women with some problems linked to the fact that the surrogacy process cannot be completed correctly will not be eligible to be surrogate mothers.


How do you choose the best surrogate mother for your baby?

In order to choose the perfect surrogate mother, you must do your research and prepare a questionnaire. We must not forget that the choice of the surrogate mother is a difficult and delicate process for intended parents when they are looking for surrogate mother. In this way, the affinity of ideas between the person or couple and the surrogate mother will become a lot easier.


What role does the surrogate mother play in the surrogacy process?

The surrogate mothers are women with a great will to get pregnant and gestate the child that will make other people or families happy; this is a sign of devotion and generosity when getting a surrogate.
The surrogate mothers will not normally have any kind of biological connection with the future child, the surrogate mother is simply the “incubator” that will take care of the fetus and give it affection during the 9 months the pregnancy lasts.


What is the profile of a surrogate mother?

The most common profile of surrogate mothers varies according to the country where they come from. For example, in Ukraine, the majority of women who wishes to become substitute mothers are women with a medium socioeconomic status, who have no infertility issues and see the surrogacy as a way to achieve some personal goals and at the same time help other people to be parents.
When reputed surrogacy agencies during getting a surrogate contact women, who are ready to be a surrogate, the mothers who rent their womb are recognized with total naturalness, and they are generally mothers who are capable of fulfilling several requirements in order to provide the best service.

In most cases, surrogate mothers are married, with children and stable work. These are the people who want to be surrogate mothers, for some specific reason.


What if the Surrogate Mother changes her mind after the delivery and wants to keep the child?

Ukraine is one of the very few countries where surrogacy is legal. Surrogates in Ukraine have no parental rights over the child, as stated on Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine. Thus, a surrogate mother cannot refuse to hand over the baby over if she changes her mind after birth.


How many attempts can we have with the one surrogate mother?

This will be stated in the surrogacy agreement and depending upon what the surrogate mother agrees to but is usually a maximum of 3 attempts and then we change the surrogate mother.


What happens if the surrogate mother’s life is at risk during the pregnancy?

In all countries the doctors will do what is necessary to save her life or minimize the risk to her. However, if situation still goes worse, this usually means a termination of the pregnancy.


What series of professionals will intervene in the process of maternal surrogacy?
For a process of maternal surrogacy to be carried out, the below professionals are needed.

#1 The surrogacy agency:
 The agency in the process of surrogating is going to have a fundamental role since it will be responsible for finding the right surrogate mother for you.

Once the person or the couple has found the right surrogate mother, the agency will also accompany the pregnant mother for her visits to the gynecologist, group meetings with the psychologist, and If necessary, meetings with nutritionists.
On the other hand, the agency also helps the intended parents so they can complete the necessary documentation to return the baby to their own country.
The agency also prepares the contract with lawyers who have specialization in the field of surrogacy law and practicing for the same for years.

#2 Fertility Clinic: 
Fertility clinics in the surrogacy process have three functions, evaluating both the candidates (surrogate mothers and the egg donors), in vitro fertilization, and other genetic evaluations. Once that the pregnancy is confirmed, they supervise it during the first 3 months, then the pregnant mother will go to see the gynecologist for the evaluation and supervision of the rest of the pregnancy and future delivery.

#3 Coordination Center: 
The main company will supervise the entire process during the course of the pregnancy so that it meets the optimal requirements.


What functions will you have to look after fundamentally?
The lawyers will draft private contracts between the surrogate mother and the Intended Parents. This documentation will have two copies, one will be for the intended parents, and the second will be for the surrogate mother, in this way it is guaranteed that both names and surnames of the intended parents will be in the documentation of the baby at the time of the baby’s discharge.


When will intended parents enjoy total custody of the child?
The physical and legal custody of the child is assumed immediately after the birth, at that point the intended parents themselves will have full legal responsibility for the baby.

Why is Ukraine leading in Surrogacy Programs? Surrogacy in Ukraine

Why is Ukraine leading in Surrogacy Programs? Surrogacy in Ukraine. And why intended parents around the world are preferring Ukraine over other countries

Surrogacy in Ukraine has great demands across the continents, there is a high sanitary culture of the population and so is the culture of awareness, education, knowledge, and intelligence. A surrogate mother Ukraine can carry out her chores comfortably, like giving birth to her child and breastfeeding, taking care and feeding herself properly. In addition, there are several other benefits which you should know about, that you can order a special service in the surrogacy center of the clinics.


Surrogacy in Ukraine

When a couple decides to use surrogacy as a reproductive service and find a surrogate, they have their next question waiting in line, i.e. where this happens in the best possible way, one of the most critical is to choose the country. The attention of many married couples is attracted to Ukraine because it can be placed on the list of the countries where there’s a usage of the latest reproduction technologies and finest devices, all this at an optimum cost as compared to USA, Canada and other European countries. With India now shut down for foreign intended couples seeking surrogacy, Ukraine is the best choice among all the countries providing surrogacy programs.


Whatever the reason for the childlessness of a couple be, but it is often very hurtful and people who wish to have a baby, opt for commercial surrogacy as a boon for growing their incomplete family. Surrogacy opens the doors to reproductive technologies and the only resort for childless couples. If any couple decides to use assisted reproductive technology, attention of childless couples is grabbed by Ukraine. The reproduction technology like surrogacy is applied officially and is governed and regulated by law in Ukraine. The law optimally regulates all legal questions regarding the possible relationship between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents. A multi-level system of protection for genetic parents have been developed, that fully protects them from the risk of the surrogate mother has some rights for the child. So, you can rule out legal complications when registering the child.


The fact that surrogacy is declared legal in Ukraine by the government, allows a strict selection of a volunteer who wants to be the surrogate mother Ukraine, as physical health and mental condition is checked and only those women who have undergone special tests and showed no bad habits get into the database for election of surrogate mother. The most important thing that is checked is the health of the surrogate mother. Whether it is optimal for carrying a child or not, and in addition, there’s a privilege that allows women who already have their own children and consciously approach the right surrogacy agencies for carrying a baby for another family.


Ukraine is territorially on the European continent, which is a benefit for married couples from Europe. Here, the society openly accepts to those who resort to surrogacy and understand the importance and necessity of such kind of reproductive technology in certain situations.


The cost of implementing the surrogacy program in Ukraine is much lower than in many other countries where the surrogacy program is legal. European service, low prices, and loyal Ukrainian legislation – these are some of the main reasons why thousands of married couples from all over the world come to Ukraine to carry out the surrogacy program.


Healthy lifestyle and genes of Ukrainian residents

The next advantage of surrogacy in Ukraine is the good genes of the Ukrainians. There are maximum women in the country with great health indicators due to their active lifestyles and healthy eating habits. Everyone likes a healthy child, and that comes only if the genes are good. More importantly, healthy genes are acquired in situations where the donation of an egg is necessary for the birth of a child. In Ukraine, couples from Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and around the world have the opportunity to find a surrogate and to get high-quality genetic material that is screened for hereditary diseases.


Medical advancement of the country in reproductive technologies

Ukrainian medicine has seen the face of the leading positions worldwide in the field of reproductive technologies. The specialists incorporate the latest advances in science and use them for the family that dreams of becoming parents. At the same time, the prices of modern reproduction technologies in the country are very attractive. If you look at the price-performance ratio of surrogacy proposals in the world, then Ukraine can be considered one of the best countries in the world for those who want their surrogate mother to have the child. Pons Medical Research is a leading name in Ukraine, when it comes to result oriented surrogacy program management. They definitely take care of the quality and provide good services at an unbeatable cost. You only need to select the desired program from the offer. The rest is done by the professionals, fertility specialists, and expert doctors. With them, you can be sure that soon your family will be replenished and the old dream of the birth of a healthy baby in form of a surrogate child finally comes true.


Robust family law of the country

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where surrogacy is completely regulated by law. The Family Code of Ukraine states that a child born as a result of the use of assisted reproduction techniques is related to the spouses whose genetic material was used for their conception. In contrast to some other countries where a surrogate mother is required to give consent for the registration of the genetic parent as the parent of the child she has delivered and, in principle, to keep the child after the birth of a child, such a possibility about surrogate mother rights is completely discarded in Ukraine. And, that intended parents have full access to their child immediately after the birth of the child.


Traditional surrogacy refers to a biological relationship between a woman – the surrogate mother – and the child to be delivered by her. In Ukraine, this procedure of surrogacy is strictly prohibited and is considered as the surrender (sale) by the mother of her own child.


In the case of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother has no biological connection with the surrogate child she has gestated. She carries out an embryo of the biological parents, the customers.


Ukraine is one of the few countries where the selection of the sex of a future child by means of genetic preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is legally allowed. PGD this is also a useful tool to ensure the health of the child and a mean to prevent possible genetic disorders.

PGD – All Pros And Cons

PGD – All Pros And Cons

Many intended parents are interested in PGD after years of efforts for building a family. The question that bothers them is, does the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis affect the probability of pregnancy? We will try to help and will make a list of all pros and cons.


What is PGD?
The main goal of PGD is to help the parent choose the best embryo without any pathology.  It’s very important to transfer healthy embryos for a successful pregnancy and a good future for the baby. As you see, the advantage of PGD is to reduce the risk of aborted pregnancy.

So, we at Pons Medical Research recommend PGD as a mean to help carrying the child until its birth and to have it healthy, without any genetic disease. Our fertility specialist also recommends to do the PGD to the couples that were transferred the best embryos but the pregnancy didn’t occur.


Recent researches showed that 25-30% of transferring cases can results in pregnancy, thanks to the fact that they are genetically healthy. It proves that even if your embryos don’t have good quality, if the PGD showed good results the pregnancy can be successful.


On what day is it better perform the biopsy of embryo?

Many clinics made the research on a third day, but you should know that it also gives a big risk of stopping the development of the embryos. Moreover, on the third day the embryo have a high level of mosaicism (cells are genetically different). It can lead to false results. We at Pons Medical Research recommend doing the research on 5th day, there is less risk and more material.


Let’s talk about the risk of PGD

The examination is invasive, that is why there is a risk for the embryo. It can be damaged during the biopsy (3 days embryo);

A biological mistake can happen if the embryo has a high level of mosaicism; You have to verify the fertility specialist and the equipment where the examination will be performed. That is why we at Pons Medical Research help people to make the right choice. We recommend only those fertility specialist and laboratories that we trust.


To whom we recommend to make the PGD research:

  • Couples that have a high level of risk of genetic disease (family cases of genetic diseases).
  • Women older than 35 years. With age the quantity of genetically anomalous embryos increases;
  • Couples where the partner is older than 45 years;
  • If a partner has heavy disorders of spermatogenesis;
  • Women that couldn’t carry a child, especially during early pregnancy period;
  • Couples that have undergone several unsuccessful IVF attempts.
  • Couples that will have a child through a surrogacy program

So, take the opportunity and make your dream closer to come true. Pons Medical Research team sincerely wishes you not to give up. Remember that there is hope even in the worst situations.

PGS – Reducing The Risk Of Miscarriage

PGS – Reducing The Risk Of Miscarriage

As you know infertility has different reasonable types. One of them is of a genetic basis. Actually only a third parts of all embryos settle down in uterus and less percentage can give a birth of healthy child. Let’s figure out why it is like this.


What is PGS?

Preimplantation Genetic Screening, the proper term for testing for overall chromosomal normalcy in embryos.

Preimplantation genetic screening helps to find different genetic anomalies of the embryo before their transfer into the uterus. It increases the possibility of a patient to have a successful embryo implantation and effective IVF.

The doctor advices to use PGS to those patients that are in a risk group (women that can’t carry an embryo during early gestation, women older than 35 years, women that had unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant with the help of ART and surrogacy).


Why PGS?

PGS is mainly performed for screening of chromosomes. Through PGS, the normalcies of chromosomes are checked. Human beings have 46 chromosomes but extra or less number of chromosomes may lead serious problems like down syndrome.  Chromosomal abnormalities are also responsible for about 70% of miscarriages in early pregnancy. Failure of implantation of IVF embryos also may caused due to Chromosomal abnormalities.

Percentage of chromosomal abnormalities increases due to increase in woman’s age.  Chromosomes in eggs from older women have a significantly increased rate of abnormalities. Hence, before implantation of embryos to the uterus, PGS is an important step.


How PGS works?

For PGS procedure of three day embryos the doctor takes one blastomere in order to find a genetic disease. He goes to special laboratory and there he counts  the quantity of the chromosomes. The results of the research are ready on the fifth day, right at the moment of embryo transfer. If it’s ok, the doctor finds 23 pairs of chromosomes: 22 regular and 1 pair of sex chromosomes.

The aim of the method is to find healthy and good embryos. It will increase the possibility of successful transfer, pregnancy and carrying a baby during pregnancy. It is believed that the risk of anomaly embryos increase with the age of the women and doesn’t depends on the way of conception.


What PGS gives us?

  • Increasing of success of ART with first try at the young patients up to 84%
  • Reducing of the risk of miscarriage at first trimester up to 6-9%
  • Guaranteeing the birth of healthy child without any genetic pathology.


Pons Medical Researcher can help you with any question that you may want to ask. All our programs offer the possibility of performing the Pre-implantation Genetic Screening