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Flexible Program in Ukraine

Flexible 3 attempts program

The flexible program offers the possibility to personalize the Surrogacy Program and start from a lower budget that can become higher or not in dependence of the specific conditions of the case presented by the Intended Parents.

This package has 3 attempts included; meaning that we will perform up to three transfers of embryos to the surrogate mother. Additionally, all the necessary medication and the compensation for the egg donor and surrogate mother are included. Our packages cover the expenditures associated with the pregnancy care during the 9 months of pregnancy. Accommodation and the legal assistance required for the registration of the babies are also part of every surrogacy program.

For many couples this package is the preferred choice because of flexibility and price. The Flexible  Program is also the ideal one if you want to decide the sex of your future baby (in case of choosing PGD).


This package (Flexible Surrogacy Program in Ukraine) offers the following features:

Price: ask for a quote
Up to 3 Embryo transfers to the Surrogate Mother included
Full payment to surrogate mother and oocyte´s donor
All medical tests of the Surrogate Mother and change of Surrogate Mother (if necessary)
2 obligatory trips to Ukraine
All necessary medicines for the Surrogate Mother
Possibility to choose among different surrogate mothers
Possibility to choose among different oocytes' donors
Full accommodation during the first and second visits
Pediatrician care after the birth
Transportation from/to Airport, Hotel, Clinic, etc.
All legal services
Interpretation services during the whole program
Stimulation of Biological Mother
Extra fees
Extra fees
Twins: 3.600 USD
Additional embryo transfer: 3.000 USD
PGD of 5 chromosomes: 1.920 USD
PGD of 24 chromosomes: 3.000 USD
Caesarian section: 1.300 USD (compensation for surrogate mother)
Medical fees in case of caesarian section and abortion: according to medical expenses
Freezing of Sperm (to be paid in advance in all cases): 150 USD
Storage of Biological Material for 1 year (to be paid in advance in all cases): 330 USD
New cycle : ask for a quote