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Odessa is one of the main cities of Ukraine. It is situated on the Black Sea in the Gulf of Odessa. It is one of the most populated cities of the country and one of the most valuable cultural centers and the main port of Ukraine. Odessa has a lot of beautiful names. Some of them are: “the pearl near the sea”, “the south Palmira”, “the south capital”, “the capital of the humor” and others. The city was founded in 1794 by the order of Catherine the Great, Russian Empress. The new city grew up very quickly and became one of the most important cities of the Russian Empire. The reason for this phenomenal growth was the generous preferences which were granted to the city by the Russian government: from 1819 to 1858 Odessa was a free port.

During its history, Odessa attained many places of interest. For example, Deribasovskaya street, the main street of the city, – it is the shortest one among main streets among all European cities. It is full of old beautiful buildings and monuments, loud markets and cozy cafes.


The same can be said about the old down town. You can have a rest in one of the many parks of the city like City Garden or Shevchenko Park.

One of the most famous buildings of Odessa is The Opera House, declared as one of the most beautiful Opera Theatres of the world. The first building of the Opera house was fully destroyed by a fire on 01/02/1873 and the current building was erected in 1887. It was projected by Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer who in turn were inspired by the Drezden Opera House. From the moment of its openning, it has been reconstructed and restored many times being now one of the best technically equipped theatres of Ukraine.

Odessa has a lot of great sea views available from different parts of the city: Shevchenko Park, Primorsky boulevard, Lanzheron, Arcadia, the district of Fontan, and others. Nevertheless the most beautiful ones can be experienced standing at the Potemkin Stairs, near the monument of the Duke of Richelieu, the first governor of Odessa.


Odessa has a lot of comfortable beaches

Odessa has a lot of comfortable beaches, in the same city center and also in other districts and in towns nearby not far from Odessa.

Odessa is also the capital of club entertainment of Ukraine. A lot of night clubs are situated in different parts of the city, especially in Arcadia. The whole year many people from the whole of the country and abroad come to Odessa to have a good night club time.

The main sport of Odessa is football. The city main football club is Chornomorets, which plays in the Ukrainian Premier League. It plays its home games on the elite-class stadium situated in the Shevchenko Park, one of the best sport arenas in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. A lot of international games were played here: National Teams, Europa League and others.