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Surrogacy cost in Ukraine

The prices of our surrogacy programs are fixed. The payments are done in several installments according to the development of the pregnancy. It is not necessary to pay the whole amount at once.

surrogacy cost in ukraine

Surrogacy cost in Ukraine is a matter of controversy, is it as cheap as everybody says? Does it mean that the quality is low and the risks are high? 

Why is the price low?

First we need to point out that a Surrogacy program is a sum of many different separate costs. On one side we have all medical cost associated with the IVF procedures, genetic tests, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and all other medical cost before the pregnancy, plus the costs connected with the pregnancy care, consultations of the surrogate mother, monthly screenings, medicines, delivery, etc. And one the other side we have the costs associated with the compensation of the donor of oocytes and the surrogate mother herself.

We can roughly say that the cost of a Surrogacy program can be divided in 2 equal parts, the compensation of the surrogate mother and the oocytes’ donor being around 50% of the cost while the other 50% will be expended in the medical procedures, genetic tests, PGD, pregnancy care, medicines, delivery and the profits of the specialized agency, the profits being not more than 20% of the whole cost of the program.

From the data above you can easily see that the main reason of a low surrogacy cost in Ukraine is direct consequence of a much lower compensation for both the egg donor and the surrogate compared with the amounts paid, for instance, in United States. The cost of a Surrogate in United States starts from 75.000 USD, or 4 times more than in Ukraine. The compensation of oocytes’ donors in Ukraine is also around 5 times lower than in North America and other rich European countries.

Only in compensations any American couples can save 60.000 USD or more.

The medical expenditures are also lower albeit not in the same proportion. Medical equipment is overall expensive and has top quality in most of Ukrainian reproductive clinics. The prices of the medical procedures are normally quite cheap for the local population but more expensive for foreign patients. In general, the cost of the medical procedures in 2-3 times cheaper in Ukraine that in United States including the cost of complex genetic and other specific medical tests.

Surrogacy agencies

Finally, as a matter of fact, surrogacy agencies in Ukraine do not ask for the extremely high fees that their American counterparts ask for. With quite affordable, even negligible fees according to American standards that may vary from 5000 USD to 10.000 USD, much lower than the 50.000 USD initial fee of most of surrogacy agencies in America.

Making a quick calculation, you can easily come to the conclusion that starting a Surrogacy program in Ukraine will save you around 100.000 dollars. But the big question remain, will I succeed? Will I have the same medical conditions I am used to here in the States? Ukraine is not USA. Our clinics are in many cases small and modest, but we can assure you that most of clinics invest most of its income in keeping themself technologically updated. And a very big plus in the picture is that the staff working in Ukrainian clinics is highly educated, trained in the most advanced medical techniques and modern in the best sense of the word, keeping themself well informed and updated in the most recent discoveries of reproductive medicine.

Is Ukraine technologically worse that America? In general the answer is a big NO. Is it cheaper? yes, and mainly because of the low cost of labour force in Ukraine and the overall conditions of the economy compared to United States’ ones.

Will I have the quality I deserve if I apply for a Surrogacy program in Ukraine? Absolutely. Pons Medical Research specializes in Surrogacy programs in Ukraine; As a European company we work with European standards, which translates to patients´ success and excellence of service.

Are you still unsure? Write to us and we will give you detailed information about Surrogacy cost in Ukraine and our services. 


Flexible 3 attemps


Services Flexible 3 attemptsGuaranteed
Embryo transfers3 embryo-transfer6 embryo-transfers
Payment to surrogate mother and oocyte´s donor
Change of surrogate mother
Minimum number of trips to Ukraine22
All necessary medicines
Medical fees in case of abortionAccording to medical expenses
Medical fees in case of caesarian section2.000 USD
Possibility to choose among different donors of oocytes
Accommodation in Odessa/Kiev (first and second visits. not after delivery of the baby)
Pediatrician care after the birthExtra Cost
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis(PGD) (5 chromosomes)1.920 USDNot Available
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis(PGD) (24 chromosomes)3.000 USD3.000 USD
Selection of the sex of the baby (s) (if PGD selected) Not Possible
Transportation from/to Airport, Hotel, Clinic, etc.
All legal services
Interpretation services during the whole program
Assistance at the citizen´s consulate in Kiev

Total price of the program

40.880 USD

54.880 USD

Total price of the program40.880 USD54.880 USD
Additional Costs:
Extra payment for experienced surrogate mother2.000 USD2.000 USD
Twins3.600 USD3.600 USD
Additional Cycleask for a quote
Collection of sperm in Kiev360 USD360 USD
Freezing of Sperm150 USD150 USD
In case of stimulation of Biological Mother (extended accommodation only)1.200 USD1.200 USD
Storage of Biological Material for 1 year330 USD330 USD
Compensation for surrogate mother in case of miscarriage/abortion600 USD/every month that the surrogate mother was pregnant600 USD/every month that the surrogate mother was pregnant