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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Why is Ukraine leading in Surrogacy Programs? Surrogacy in Ukraine

Why is Ukraine leading in Surrogacy Programs? Surrogacy in Ukraine. And why intended parents around the world are preferring Ukraine over other countries

Surrogacy in Ukraine has great demands across the continents, there is a high sanitary culture of the population and so is the culture of awareness, education, knowledge, and intelligence. A surrogate mother Ukraine can carry out her chores comfortably, like giving birth to her child and breastfeeding, taking care and feeding herself properly. In addition, there are several other benefits which you should know about, that you can order a special service in the surrogacy center of the clinics.


Surrogacy in Ukraine

When a couple decides to use surrogacy as a reproductive service and find a surrogate, they have their next question waiting in line, i.e. where this happens in the best possible way, one of the most critical is to choose the country. The attention of many married couples is attracted to Ukraine because it can be placed on the list of the countries where there’s a usage of the latest reproduction technologies and finest devices, all this at an optimum cost as compared to USA, Canada and other European countries. With India now shut down for foreign intended couples seeking surrogacy, Ukraine is the best choice among all the countries providing surrogacy programs.


Whatever the reason for the childlessness of a couple be, but it is often very hurtful and people who wish to have a baby, opt for commercial surrogacy as a boon for growing their incomplete family. Surrogacy opens the doors to reproductive technologies and the only resort for childless couples. If any couple decides to use assisted reproductive technology, attention of childless couples is grabbed by Ukraine. The reproduction technology like surrogacy is applied officially and is governed and regulated by law in Ukraine. The law optimally regulates all legal questions regarding the possible relationship between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents. A multi-level system of protection for genetic parents have been developed, that fully protects them from the risk of the surrogate mother has some rights for the child. So, you can rule out legal complications when registering the child.


The fact that surrogacy is declared legal in Ukraine by the government, allows a strict selection of a volunteer who wants to be the surrogate mother Ukraine, as physical health and mental condition is checked and only those women who have undergone special tests and showed no bad habits get into the database for election of surrogate mother. The most important thing that is checked is the health of the surrogate mother. Whether it is optimal for carrying a child or not, and in addition, there’s a privilege that allows women who already have their own children and consciously approach the right surrogacy agencies for carrying a baby for another family.


Ukraine is territorially on the European continent, which is a benefit for married couples from Europe. Here, the society openly accepts to those who resort to surrogacy and understand the importance and necessity of such kind of reproductive technology in certain situations.


The cost of implementing the surrogacy program in Ukraine is much lower than in many other countries where the surrogacy program is legal. European service, low prices, and loyal Ukrainian legislation – these are some of the main reasons why thousands of married couples from all over the world come to Ukraine to carry out the surrogacy program.


Healthy lifestyle and genes of Ukrainian residents

The next advantage of surrogacy in Ukraine is the good genes of the Ukrainians. There are maximum women in the country with great health indicators due to their active lifestyles and healthy eating habits. Everyone likes a healthy child, and that comes only if the genes are good. More importantly, healthy genes are acquired in situations where the donation of an egg is necessary for the birth of a child. In Ukraine, couples from Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and around the world have the opportunity to find a surrogate and to get high-quality genetic material that is screened for hereditary diseases.


Medical advancement of the country in reproductive technologies

Ukrainian medicine has seen the face of the leading positions worldwide in the field of reproductive technologies. The specialists incorporate the latest advances in science and use them for the family that dreams of becoming parents. At the same time, the prices of modern reproduction technologies in the country are very attractive. If you look at the price-performance ratio of surrogacy proposals in the world, then Ukraine can be considered one of the best countries in the world for those who want their surrogate mother to have the child. Pons Medical Research is a leading name in Ukraine, when it comes to result oriented surrogacy program management. They definitely take care of the quality and provide good services at an unbeatable cost. You only need to select the desired program from the offer. The rest is done by the professionals, fertility specialists, and expert doctors. With them, you can be sure that soon your family will be replenished and the old dream of the birth of a healthy baby in form of a surrogate child finally comes true.


Robust family law of the country

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where surrogacy is completely regulated by law. The Family Code of Ukraine states that a child born as a result of the use of assisted reproduction techniques is related to the spouses whose genetic material was used for their conception. In contrast to some other countries where a surrogate mother is required to give consent for the registration of the genetic parent as the parent of the child she has delivered and, in principle, to keep the child after the birth of a child, such a possibility about surrogate mother rights is completely discarded in Ukraine. And, that intended parents have full access to their child immediately after the birth of the child.


Traditional surrogacy refers to a biological relationship between a woman – the surrogate mother – and the child to be delivered by her. In Ukraine, this procedure of surrogacy is strictly prohibited and is considered as the surrender (sale) by the mother of her own child.


In the case of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother has no biological connection with the surrogate child she has gestated. She carries out an embryo of the biological parents, the customers.


Ukraine is one of the few countries where the selection of the sex of a future child by means of genetic preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is legally allowed. PGD this is also a useful tool to ensure the health of the child and a mean to prevent possible genetic disorders.

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