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European Quality - Affordable Price


Always on YOUR side 100%
Best Clinic in Georgia 100%
Experienced Law Firm 100%

European Quality - Affordable price


Always on YOUR side 100%
Best Clinic in Georgia 100%
Experienced Law Firm 100%

Best Surrogacy Program in Eastern Europe


Always on YOUR side 100%
Best clinic in Georgia 100%
Experienced Law Firm 100%

We help infertile couples to achieve the happiness of parenthood using the latest reproductive technologies and surrogacy.


- We are committed to fair compensations for surrogates mothers and ethical management.

- We dedicate 2% of our revenue to improve the living conditions of orphan children.

Our Quality Warranty:

  • We will assist you during the whole process of your surrogacy journey from the very beginning until you come back home with your baby;
  • We have a team of experienced professionals, including highly-qualified doctor, lawyer and a coordinators who will make every effort to the get the best result of your surrogacy program in the easiest way for you;
  • We care about you and your baby even after the baby’s birth, until you go home;
  • Our customer service in available 24/7 during the whole year, including holidays and weekends;
  • We are registered in Cyprus. We follow strict European standards and policies;
  • You can be sure that we will do our best to achieve your main goal – to make your family full and happy;
  • We know how it feels to be alone in the midst of problems. We really want to help, that’s why we give you free medical and legal consultation even before you make any decision;

Services Highlights

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Professional Legal Help

Our lawyers will defend your rights so that you can have peace of mind during the whole surrogacy process.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Fixed Cost Comprehensive Programs

Pons Medical offers a fixed, all-inclusive surrogacy price package. When you sign an agreement with us we take care of everything – surrogate recruitment, screening and preparation, all medical services, legal and administrative tasks.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Eligible IPs

In Georgia it is possible to use surrogacy services for any heterosexual couple (marriage is not needed).

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Child’s Citizenship

Children born through a surrogacy a arrangement in Georgia will not be granted the citizenship of the country of birth. Rather the child will get the citizenship of their parent’s native country.

Surrogacy in Ukraine


The child’s birth certificate should be issued approximately in a week after birth. The authorities will list the Intended Parents including the Intended Mother as parents on the birth certificate.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Completely Legal

Commercial surrogacy has been completely legal in Georgia since 1997.


Gold Guaranteed Program
in Georgia

This package has up to 8 attempts included. Accommodation, legal fees, all necessary medication and procedures, egg donor compensation, surrogate mother compensation, pregnancy care and delivery are included. C-section bears no additional costs. We also provide highly professional legal assistance. Click for more informationXCHARX


The Silver package is our most popular program. We carry out this program in the VIP clinic Invitro Innova, and combine it with high quality legal assistance from our partner company Jus Arbitrium, a Law Firm based in Switzerland with long experience in surrogacy. Accommodation, legal fees, all necessary medication and procedures, egg donor compensation, surrogate mother compensation, pregnancy care and delivery are included. Click for more information…



Extra quality Programs. All included

The prices of our programs are fixed. The payments are done in several installments according to the development of the pregnancy. It is not necessary to pay the whole amount at once.

Welcome to Pons Medical, an International organization specialized in Reproductive Technologies and Reproductive Law and committed for global service. Nowadays many couples suffer from infertility issues and having a baby is just impossible without the help and kindness of others. For many years, having a severe form of infertility was considered an incurable misfortune. With the course of time, nonetheless, the medical sciences have advanced enough to provide solutions in even the most difficult cases. Our Advanced IVF and Surrogacy Programs are now at your disposal with prices within the reach of most of people in the Western World.

We, at Pons Medical can help you to complete your family providing you with the world´s leading reproductive technologies, strict confidentiality and the highest quality. We are witness of miracles every time the faces of the parents draw the smile of a new life. In this direction, we will continue to offer our support and advice to all the couples interested in our services and to those women who wish to become egg donors and surrogates within our egg donation and surrogacy programs. To all of them our best wishes.

  • Very high success rates (80% pregnancy rate per attempt using donor´s oocytes)
  • Very high quality/price ratio
  • To follow the highest quality and ethical standards
  • Expedite process, little waiting time and no lines
  • Personal assistance and interpretation in a wide variety of languages
  • European quality standards
  • Fast, reliable customer service
  • A patient-centric care environment
  • Our commitment is to care for our patients
  • Objectiveness and Independence
  • Absence of hidden costs and transparency
  • To follow up strict rules and regulations
  • Personalized programs for patients' flexibility




We deliver high quality grains, veggies and meats directly to the doors of our surrogate moms. All according to a personalized dietary plan



Surrogacy In Georgia has enjoyed worldwide popularity for many years thanks to a flexible and liberal legislation, great legal support, affordable prices and top quality medical services.

Pons Medical


Our assistance department will provide you with all the necessary advice that you may need!

Dear Intended Parents!

My name is Edel Pons and I am the General Director of “Pons Medical Group”. From my early work and life experience I realized that many couples were facing the increasingly widespread problem of infertility, problem which hurts the feelings and the pride of otherwise wonderful people, eager to become loving and caring parents. For many families today, Surrogacy has become the last resort: a medical and legal solution which offers the possibility to become mothers and fathers, in most of cases, for the first time.

Our company, founded in 2016, specializes in the fields of Genetics and Reproductive Technologies. We offer Surrogacy Services with the philosophy of “all under one roof”, what means that our services are comprehensive and oriented towards the total satisfaction of our patients, by assisting them in all steps of the Surrogacy process, from basic legal issues to complex genetic tests and medical treatments.

As a European Union company, Pons Medical performs its activities with the highest levels of quality, strict confidentiality and total transparency. Our mission is to people from all around the World to fulfill the essential goal of the family: to bring on new life.

In an global world you couldn’t be alone. I and all our staff members are ready to help you along your surrogacy journey, happy to be that helpful hand that will make you dream a living reality.



Edel Pons Suarez


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