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Surrogacy conflicts: why do they exist?

Surrogacy is not a totally regulated field of Law. There are a lot of gaps in legislation, either in the countries, where surrogacy is allowed or banned. Referring to the surrogacy field, we need to remember that it is quite a young method of infertility treatment, for example gestational surrogacy is used from the end of 20TH century only.

Why legal frameworks of Surrogacy are uncertain?

Why it is not regulated still? Why couples face the problem when their surrogacy babies have unclear legal status and for what your own countries put these babies into “legal limbo”?

To answer these questions we need to understand what Law Regulation is in general. The system of legal rules was created in order to protect the rights and properties of the different actors of a society in which private relations of production developed and as a response to rising inequalities among the population. These inequalities arose first of all because of cultural and economic development of the society, as people had already goods, properties and models of behavior that they wanted to maintain or protect. We should remember, that any legal regulation is always based on the moral foundations of society, because people (creators of rules) always need to be sure what exactly they are going to protect. Morality is a system of principles for a person’s deeply personal attitude to the world from the point of view of his justice. And as long as society has not yet decided whether surrogacy is good or not, a noble goal or women’s exploitation or even a rebellion against God, the legal framework will not come to its balance and will continue to be uncertain.

Moral values battle

Nowadays, we are witnessing some kind of competition between governments, social and healthcare organizations in defence of the preeminence of their own moral values. And we don’t know in reality who will win in the end: will surrogacy be considered as a way of treatment, as we understand it, or will it be considered as violation of human rights? But we do know precisely that infertility problems are rapidly increasing every year and nothing can stop desperate couples who cannot have a baby to seek solutions for achieving the happiness of parenthood. We know for sure, that sometimes Surrogacy motherhood is the only one way for infertile couples to get a baby, and for Surrogate mothers to improve their financial situation.

And if God gives us an opportunity to get two happy families instead of two unhappy, and to help new people to come to our World, why do we need to doubt?

We already accept tissues and cells donation and transplantation of organs in our legal systems. During the surrogacy process, surrogate mother doesn’t lose any part of her body. We use surrogacy just because a human organism cannot be developed in other conditions than in a woman’s womb. Science has not found the way to develop a human being in another way yet. On the other hand, Surrogacy can be a morally tough process for a surrogate mother, as she usually has no legal filial rights to the child she carries. That’s why the compensation for her help is not something terrible, as usually presented in media, but it’s a kind of financial support that Intended Parents are willing to do for the Surrogate mother family for her “carry and delivery in time” services.

Delivery in time

The legal nature of Surrogacy agreement is quite interesting and have elements of a contract to supply services for payment. The Surrogate mother doesn’t sell her body or a child, as the embryo to become the future child is made in laboratory conditions from genetic material of the Intended Parents and sometimes a Donor. The Surrogate mother sells her services of “baby delivery”, the only one thing is that her delivery is not in a distance, but in a time, as she needs to create a certain conditions for baby’s development and take care of him or her during the whole pregnancy until the moment of birth.

Yellow surrogacy journalism

Certain tabloids christened companies working in the Surrogacy field as “baby factories” and Surrogate mothers as “slaves”. We have worked in the surrogacy field for many years and we cannot tell that the Surrogate mothers we work with are very poor or dying of a hunger. They all are contemporary women with their own goals and aspirations and they want to help their children to get better education or life conditions and to help infertile couple to feel the happiness of parenthood. They all have their own children and can always share their love with them after the surrogacy program ends.

Another thing is that we cannot compare a compensation for a Surrogate with a new human’s life creation. We should consider it as a financial support, a help from the Intended Parents or a reasonable compensation for her time and medical care undergone, but not for the baby. A nascent human life is something invaluable by definition.

How much does your child worth to you?

Ask any mother on the Earth, she would never give you the price tag. At the same time, we are very proud that in our daily work we are involved in the most incredible miracle on the Earth – the creation of life.

Legal basis of Children’s rights

The Convention on the Rights of the Child – recognized all over the world-, dated 20th of November, 1989, in par.2 article 2 says: “States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that the child is protected against all forms of discrimination or punishment on the basis of the status, activities, expressed opinions, or beliefs of the child’s parents, legal guardians, or family members”. Article 8 of the same Convention prescribes that “States Parties undertake to respect the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including nationality, name and family relations as recognized by law without unlawful interference. Where a child is illegally deprived of some or all of the elements of his or her identity, States Parties shall provide appropriate assistance and protection, with a view to re-establishing speedily his or her identity”.

Never give up!

Despite this Convention’s existence, the term “surrogacy baby” is still used for some reason, as if it would really have some relevance in what way this baby came to our World. We still are fighting side-by-side with New Parents for their genetically related babies’ rights in the Consulates, as not every government is helpful in issuing the citizenship of the newborn babies who were born via surrogacy. Nevertheless we still believe that the situation will change, it has to change and in the mean time we keep fighting the good fight.

We want to help you to achieve the main dream of your life. Contact us today to know more about the Surrogacy programs of Pons Medical Group or book a consultation with one of our specialists totally free of charge.

Surrogacy in Australia

There are a lot of talks about legal, ethical and medical parts of Surrogacy. Our Team knows for sure that nothing can stop the Intended Parents, willing to have a child. Today we want to share with you some information related to Surrogacy in Australia, it’s law regulation inside the country and some reasons to undergo Surrogacy program overseas.

Legal regulation of Surrogacy in Australia

Legal regulation of Surrogacy in Australia varies from state to state. Nowadays all Australian states and territories (except Northern Territory, where no legislation exist) have criminalized commercial surrogacy in their jurisdictions. Furthermore, the ACT, NSW and QLD have also legislated to make it illegal for residents of those jurisdictions to enter into commercial surrogacy arrangements overseas with penalties from 100 units to three years of imprisonment. For example, in NSW according to Surrogacy Act 2010, maximum penalty for entering into commercial surrogacy agreement is 2500 penalty units, in the case of corporation, or 1000 penalty units or imprisonment of two years (or both) in any other case. According to Parentage Act 2004 in ACT, maximum penalty of 100 penalty units, imprisonment for one year or both are penalties for Commercial Surrogacy deals. In Queensland, penalty for Commercial Surrogacy is specified in Surrogacy Act 2010 and varies from 100 penalty units to three years of imprisonment.

Commercial Surrogacy

As we can see, Australian law is not very friendly for Commercial Surrogacy. The main reason for this is that the Australian Government doesn’t want to contribute the “baby factories” creations, as there is a widespread belief that commercial Surrogacy is some kind of economical slavery for women, who are pressed by their financial problems. From another point of view, it is unlawful for a person to receive payment for her reproductive capacity.

In reality, the picture drawn by political forces and journalists is not so black. Certainly, each Surrogate Mother, who is ready to become a gestational courier for Infertile Couple will be glad to receive some financial support from them, as it will help to improve her own family welfare, to give good education for her own children or to facilitate the purchase of home. But the main reason for becoming a Surrogate is always something bigger, that just money earning. This is, first of all, a noble way to help infertile couple to find a happiness of parenthood.

Surrogacy overseas

On the other hand, increasingly more couples from Australia request Surrogacy services overseas. Australian Courts generally do not seek to ‘punish’ people who attempt to create a family by engaging a commercial surrogate. Over the last 40 years, no person has been found criminally responsible in an Australian court in relation to a surrogacy event. So, law regarding the penalty of Surrogacy in Australia is not enforced.

Of course, we recommend you to seek a specialized legal consultation about Surrogacy in Australia before participating in any International Surrogacy program. However, we can ensure you that we have experience of working with Australian couples in International Surrogacy field and we know that nothing is Impossible.

Pay attention to details

In case of Australia, it doesn’t matter which Surrogacy destination you choose (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Belarus, USA etc) and what will be the marital status of your future Surrogate mother. Pay more attention to the Company you will work with, to its experience, credibility and medical facilities. We strongly recommend you to use genetic material of at least one Intended Parent with Australian citizenship, as it will help a lot in future, during the obtaining of your baby’s citizenship.

Usually, in the end of Surrogacy program you receive the Certificate of your baby’s birth, where you are written as legal parents, without any mentioning about Surrogacy.

Nevertheless, it is not the end of your Surrogacy journey, as you need to bring your baby home, and without citizenship and baby’s passport it will be not possible to do. From this moment your Embassy process starts.

Embassy process

A child born outside Australia as a result of a surrogacy arrangement is eligible for Australian citizenship by descent if, at the time of their birth, they had a parent who was an Australian citizen.

Where there is no biological connection between an Australian citizen who is the intended parent and the child born through an international surrogacy arrangement, or where such a biological connection has not been satisfactorily established, it is necessary for an Australian citizen to provide other evidence to demonstrate that the Australian citizen was in fact the parent of the child at the time of the child’s birth.

Evidence of parent-child relationship

Evidence that the parent-child relationship existed at the time of the child’s birth may include, but is not limited to:

•           a formal surrogacy agreement entered into before the child was conceived

•           lawful transfer of parental rights in the country in which the surrogacy was carried out to the Australian citizen before or at time of the child’s birth

•           evidence that the Australian citizen’s inclusion as a parent on the birth certificate was done with that parent’s prior consent

•           evidence that the Australian citizen was involved in providing care for the unborn child and/or the mother during the pregnancy, for example, emotional, domestic or financial support and making arrangements for the birth and prenatal and postnatal care

•           evidence that the child was acknowledged socially from birth or before birth as the Australian citizen’s child, for example, where the child was presented within the Australian citizen’s family and social groups as being the Australian citizen’s child.

Certificate of baby’s citizenship by descend must be obtained in Department of Home Affairs of Australian Government and sent by post to the country where surrogacy is performed. This Certificate gives to your baby right to obtain Australian passport for travelling home.

Passport of a baby

Once all documentation needed for baby’s passport has been gathered, given to the Embassy and checked, at least one parent will be required to attend a personal interview at the Australian Embassy to lodge the passport application. Interviews are by appointment only and must be confirmed in advance of their travel to Embassy. Following that, the Embassy may need to contact them again or other individuals named as part of the application, including the non-lodging parent, the surrogate and witnesses. The completed application will then be processed in Canberra.

Finally, in the end you will get baby’s passport and travel home with new member (or maybe members) of your family! We really believe that you are not frightened of all this legal issues and the rule «forewarned is forearmed» is the best option for all Intended Parents.

Patience of our Intended Parents is very important for our Company, that’s why we provide them with full legal support during Surrogacy program from the moment of their first call to their travel home. Contact us today to know more information about medical and organization part of Surrogacy for Australian Couples!

Surrogacy in Australia

Welcome to sunny Georgia! Benefits of new healthcare destination

Surrogacy in Georgia is a good choice for all couples, who are searching for good quality treatment with fair prices.

What is Georgia?

Pons Medical Research Team invite you to join us and to feel all benefits of Surrogacy in Georgia!

Georgia is a country, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia’s total area makes up 69,700 square kilometers. Georgian is the official language in Georgia, a country of 3,500,000 with a semi-presidential system as its form of government. The lari (GEL) is Georgia’s official currency.

Georgia has in fact lost two regions as result of ethnic conflicts, but currently, there is a peaceful situation in our country. Moreover, Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is considered to be one of the most safe cities in the world. In addition, terrorist attacks don’t happen here and it is absolutely safe for pedestrians to walk in the city at any time of day or night.

Popular tourist destination

Today’s Georgia is the tourist destination with a great potential. Dizzying mountains, healing air, excellent wine and friendly people will surely make you feel at home. Here in Georgia there is a very tangible feeling of how history and modernity are all tightly woven together. Hospitable Georgian people cordially meets guests, it has much to show to the guests and has much to be proud of. Historically all visitors in Georgia are considered as messengers of the Gods, so don’t doubt that you will have an unforgettable trip in the Caucasus.

However, not only tourism is considered as visit card of this mysterious country. We invite you to discover the benefits of Georgian healthcare with Pons Medical Research. In the world of advanced reproductive technologies (ART), IVF and Surrogacy is now a common treatment path. There are many resources to help you find your way through the process of Surrogacy in Georgia.

Infertility treatment in Georgia

In Tbilisi, we cooperate with the most experienced IVF-clinics that are equipped with the latest, ultramodern devices from European and American manufacturers with its diagnostic facilities. Our medical facilities offer complex examination to gynecology and andrology patients and infertile couples to identify the root cause of their conditions. We offer a full range of infertility treatments, including intrauterine insemination of sperm, in vitro fertilization, Surrogacy in Georgia, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, egg donation, PGD and the transfer of frozen embryos.

Our specialists

Our doctors have more than 18 years’ experience in the diagnosis and infertility treatment. We are very proud that we work with the best doctors in Tbilisi. Our doctors have given a birth to the first babies using the surrogate motherhood method in Georgia. Additionally, our specialists can help you to find a surrogate mother who has been screened and approved to carry a surrogate pregnancy. Most importantly, our surrogacy specialist will work with you to discuss your goals and find a possible surrogate candidate based on your wishes and her experience.

Surrogacy legislation in Georgia

We would like to mention that legislation in Georgia is very friendly for surrogacy programs. Since 1997 ovum and sperm donation and Surrogacy in Georgia are legal. According to the Georgian law, a donor or surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child born. Also, unlike the Ukrainian legislation, egg-donors are not anonymous and you can personally meet them.

Birth certificate of a baby

In case of the child born by a surrogate mother, the couple will be registered as parents of the child. Even in case that an embryo was obtained from an egg from a donor is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother, the couple will be deemed as legal parents of the child. The birth certificate will be issued immediately after the child’s birth, within 1 day.  Information about the surrogate mother is not specified in the birth certificate. It means that the birth certificate of the child born by a surrogate mother does not differ from the birth certificates of other children.

Consent of the surrogate mother is not required for registration of the infertile couple as parents. The following will be required for registration of the couple as parents: Surrogacy Agreement made by the couple, certificate of embryo transfer into the uterus of the surrogate mother issued by the IVF clinic and certificate of the fact of childbirth issued by maternity hospital.

Above all, the parents will have a right to take their child to their country any time after the child certificate has been issued.

Welcome to Georgia!

In conclusion, it must be said that Georgia is one of the best choices for a surrogacy process because of the favorable legislation and possibility to receive a high-qualified medical care for a very reasonable price without mentioning the beauties of the country that are unique and breathtaking.

If you still have any questions after having read this article please feel free to ask.

Pons Medical Research Team is ready to provide you any information about Surrogacy in Georgia.

Georgia Tbilisi TbilisiSurrogacy in Georgia.

What services do the Surrogacy Agencies offer?

What services do the Surrogacy Agencies offer?

The choice of a surrogate pregnancy agency is a very important decision, and we will give you some tips to take into account for a better decision.
The Agencies are companies or organizations specialized in surrogating that, generally, provide two very important services:

-Organize the process of surrogating, including advice on procedures, contact with specialized lawyers who will make legal presentations and fund trusts, contact with the reproduction center that will carry out the embryo transfer, contact with translators when the parents they do not speak the language of the country and more. Normally they are not in charge of organizing trips or stays, for the future parents.

-To obtain a suitable pregnant woman and donor of ovules for the process, and to be in charge of carrying out the medical analysis of health, verifying the non-existence of pending issues with the justice, carrying out interviews about her lifestyle, etc. When contracting with an agency, the agency will provide us with a database of profiles of women who have applied to act as pregnant women, in order to choose the most appropriate one.


How to choose which agency to hire?

1) Website.

It is very important to carefully analyze the agency’s website and get all the information about it. It is good to take the time and carefully read each of the articles, publications, and history of the agency.

Observe if they have experience, who is responsible, where exactly is located, if they serve heterosexual couples only, if they have databases of pregnant women, and all the necessary information (see below).

An untidy website, with spelling errors, with links that do not work, etc. may be a sign of carelessness.

2) Skype interview.

It is a must, contact the agencies and request a Skype interview or similar, to be able to answer questions and queries, and learn more about the company we are analyzing.

In this step, we can ask everything we want to know and verify if they have translators, what the payments are like, what guarantees they offer, what happens if medical treatment fails, etc.

3) Recommendations.

If we receive recommendations from someone who has already done the surrogacy process in one or another agency, or who knows them and knows they are good in their work, it will be very good, since we can confirm the seriousness of it and that will give us more peace of mind.

4) Making the decision.

After having obtained all the information we need about the different agencies, we will be able to decide which is the most appropriate for us.

Important information to ask


Whether researching the website, in the Skype interview, through references or via email, we recommend consulting the following information and asking the following questions:

-Experience in surrogacy.

What experience do they possess in surrogating? How many years have you been engaged in it? How many cases work per year?

-Responsible for the agency.

Who is the responsible or owner of the agency? Why is he dedicated to surrogating? Do you have training on the subject?

-Travel and stay.

Do the budgeted costs include the tickets or the stay? Are they responsible for making our stay or hotel or should we reserve it? How many times should we travel there, and how long should we stay on each trip?

-Different programs and guarantees.

Do they have different surrogating programs? What does each one include? What is the difference between them?

-Cost, values, and forms of payment.

What values should we pay to the agency? What is the total cost of the entire process? Is it a closed value or can it have modifications? What are the differences in money that may exist? Do the costs include medical fees and expenses? Do the costs include legal fees and expenses? Do the costs include compensation payments to the pregnant woman? What forms of payment do they have? Should everything be paid at the beginning or paid as the process progresses?

-Election of the medical center.

Does the medical center choose the agency, or do we choose it? Do they have their own medical equipment?

– Selection of the law firm.

Does the law firm choose the agency, or do we choose it? Do they have their own lawyers?

-Election of the pregnant woman (and donor of ovules)

How do we choose the pregnant woman? Do you provide us with a database? Can we communicate with them before choosing it? Can we communicate with them during pregnancy? What procedure do they do if the pregnant woman does not become pregnant? How are the studies performed on the pregnant woman to determine if she is suitable for the process?

-Laws of the country and documentation.

What do the laws in that country say about surrogating? What procedure should be carried out before the birth? What procedure should be carried out after birth? Will the baby’s documents go to our name or the pregnant woman’s name? Will the baby have the nationality of his country? Should we carry out an adoption process towards the baby?

Yes, you are trying to get some genuine help to form or grow a family. Therefore, you must make sure you are working with a reputable agency or an in vitro fertilization clinic that supports and will help you protect your family and your future baby.

Well, after all these questions you will ask the agency, depending on the answers, you will have a lot of useful information to determine which is the most appropriate agency for you and your family.  However, remember there are no correct answers, only answers that make you feel supported and strengthened.

How to select your surrogacy agency

How to select your surrogacy agency

There is no need to spend years of heartaches and many sufferings longing for a family. This is because with the help of a surrogacy agency you can create your own family. Surrogacy is never every woman’s dream of starting their own family, but to other due unavoidable circumstances or personal decisions, it remains to be the only choice or one that will serve their purpose. These agencies will help each individual get a professional education, support, and advice who are about to experience surrogacy.

Some of the services that you can expect include providing parents who want a child with one, gestational carriers and egg donors. Each of these people deserves care and respect that will see them go through with the journey and have a great experience with it. It is possible to find professional agencies that will offer you a personal touch in their services, plus quality cares a support from the start of the process to the end.

To achieve the family that you want is often a personal and somewhat unique journey. With the surrogacy agency, you need to get all the information and support as you make your decision. A good agency is one that acts as a source of knowledge to anyone in need of their services. Furthermore, they should provide the confidence and care that each decision requires.

Not everyone can qualify for surrogacy

Not everyone can qualify for surrogacy. That is why in each of these agencies you will be accessed and provided with the right education and information.

It is wise to choose that agency that knows how to match potential individuals with the right carrier. In addition, they need to ensure that every individual involved shares in the same goal and expectations. Surrogacy is a legal issue, which is why the right paper has to be processed for all the parties involved get no problems in the future. This should be taken care of by the agency including the financial matters as well as insurance details. These are sensitive issues that have to be handled with care and appropriately.

Surrogacy agency has made it easier for women to start their own families by providing intended parents with children. They also have gestational carriers and egg donors. Whatever surrogacy agency that one decides to use, it must be able to provide all the right information and knowledge to ensure that all the parties involved are geared towards one goal and fully understand the process.

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child to another couple or person. When you find yourself thinking about surrogacy, it is crucial that you are aware that it can be an emotionally-charged experience. It is helpful if you have explored other options such as adoption before deciding that surrogacy is the best method for you.

How to choose a surrogacy agency


  • Screening Process


Good surrogacy agencies carry out screening to learn about the personal and medical backgrounds of both parties. Medical screening involves ascertaining the presence of sexually transmitted diseases that can be transferred from the surrogate to the child and other health issues that can reduce the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy. Screening entails both medical as well as psychological screening. They also conduct criminal history and financial background investigations.


  • History and Reputation


Many surrogacy agencies come and go, so it is important that you find one that is reputable. You do not want to trust just anyone for a process like this one. Ensure that your agency has been around for a significant amount of time and is capable of offering successful surrogacy arrangements.


  • Legal knowledge


They are kept abreast with surrogacy laws and medical standards, a great deal of which change from time to time and differ from one state to another. Legal counsel from a resident or referred lawyer is also readily available when you make surrogacy arrangements through a good agency.


  • Provides Support


Surrogacy is associated with a number of medical, financial, emotional and legal concerns. At a good surrogacy agency, you are sure that you are going to have a team of professionals that will guide and support you at every stage of the surrogacy agreement. Through that agency, referrals to counselors are available as needed. Their surrogacy process doesn’t end right after the baby is born. Good agencies provide support throughout the adjustment period, as you welcome your new baby into your residence.


  • Total Cost and Fees


Request them for a full estimate of the total cost associated with the surrogacy process. It is important to compare them with other agencies. In addition, compare the level of service they offer within a particular price range.

How surrogacy works

Most couples use an agency to manage a surrogacy. These institutions basically serve as go-betweens, assisting intended parents to look for a suitable surrogate, make required arrangements, and collect fees, particularly compensation for medical expenses, for the surrogate. These agencies also conduct screening on possible surrogates.

Questions to ask your surrogacy agency

If you decide to choose surrogacy as a path to having a baby it is important the relationship between both parties be protected. This is accomplished by selecting an agency that is not strictly a matching service. Select an agency that is knowledgeable about surrogacy laws in your state.

It is critical to ask these following questions to the surrogacy agency:

  • How long the agency has been in surrogacy business
  • How many successful surrogacy processes have been accomplished by them
  • Their screening process for surrogacy
  • Their detailed agency fees and how the financial transactions are done
  • The fertility specialists and clinics they team up with
  • Do they have any legal advisors
  • Request to read their testimonials, reviews and ask if any of their ex-clients would agree to talk about their experience about the agency

Surrogacy provides a viable solution for couples who wish to have a child of their own. You may be wondering where to find a great surrogacy agency. There are some good surrogacy clinics in Ukraine.

Building a family via surrogacy in Ukraine

Building a family via surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy Surrogate motherhood is a particular procedure when the pregnancy is not borne by the future mother but the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother carries a child for the intended parent (s). After birth, the prospective parents adopt the child.

There are several reasons in Ukraine to look for a surrogate mother and to be a surrogate mother: perhaps pregnancy is not wise in connection with your health or physically not possible.

How do you find a surrogate mother and what are the rules?

The clinics give part of medical services to patients, the legislation of countries that allow surrogate motherhood. Regarding the choice of a foster mother and supporting the legal section in this question – we recommend patients to address other organizations. If the issue about the selection of a surrogate mother is resolved, thorough medical and psychological examination of a potential surrogate mother is conducted before the beginning of treatment in Ukraine for its suitability and readiness to participate in such a program.   If everything is okay and all parties are satisfied, the treatment process begins with stimulation of the patient or donor superovulation (if it is necessary to donate the donor’s egg cells). In these procedures, the eggs of the surrogate mother are not used, and the child will not be genetically native to her.

After the maturation of the follicles, these eggs are scored, and under the conditions of the embryology laboratory, fertilisation takes place with the sperm of the patient’s partner or the donor. Obtained embryos were transferred to the womb of a surrogate mother, where pregnancy will develop.  There are different ways in which the surrogacy in Ukraine mothers can carry a child for the prospective parents: low-technological surrogacy and high-tech surrogacy.

Low-tech surrogacy

In low technological surrogacy, an egg cell of the surrogate mother is fertilised by natural means or using artificial insemination with the seed of the intended parent.

The surrogate mother is, in this case, the biological mother of the child. It occurs, for example, when the wish-mother does not have any oocytes (anymore), or the prospective parents are two men.

High technology surrogacy

In highly technological surrogacy, fertilisation takes place outside the womb using IVF or ICSI. The egg is from the wish-mother or a donor and is fertilised by the sperm cell of the wish-father. The fertilised egg is then placed in the womb of the surrogate mother. In this case, the wishing mother can be the biological mother of the child, but that does not have to be the case – in the case of a donor. Sometimes, mothers who are unable to use their egg cells, for example, can use an egg cell for a sister or other family member, so that the child will still look like both parents.  Because doctors are always involved in high-tech surrogacy in Ukraine, there are rules for those who can use them. In some years back, a professional group of gynaecologists took the following position as surrogacy in Ukraine is a concern: Desire mothers with a severe condition, which makes a pregnancy potentially life-threatening or undesirable, are eligible for surrogacy. Earlier, only mothers without a womb, but with functioning ovaries, were available for surrogacy.

Homosexual male prospective parents are eligible for surrogacy in Ukraine. Due to the medical risks and chances of success, there are limits to the age of the egg donor (up to 43 years) and the age of the surrogate mother (up to 45 years).  In Ukrainian clinics, there are a lot of child orders – within ten years only in one of them the number of births has increased tenfold. Also, the number of pretenders to give birth to other children along with the progressive impoverishment of the country is overgrowing; one can choose among them as in the goods in the store

How do you find a surrogate mother?

In Ukraine, there is a commercial surrogacy. The non-commercial surrogacy is not allowed. It means that you are not allowed to pay the surrogate mother for carrying the child, apart from an expense allowance.

Wish parents and potential surrogate mothers are not allowed to place calls on social media, for example. Mediating between supply and demand is also prohibited. The finding of a surrogate mother therefore often takes place through their environment.  The surrogate mother from abroad Because of the ban on commercial surrogacy in the many countries, more and more prospective parents are moving overseas.

Countries such as India, Ukraine and some American states allow commercial surrogacy. There are agencies there that mediate between prospective parents and surrogate mothers. There are (high) costs associated with engaging a foreign surrogate mother.  Also, the anonymous donation of ova and sperm cells is often permitted. In Ukraine, this is not possible: here every child has the right to know his parents, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Something else to watch out for: in some countries, surrogate mothers are being exploited or forced to be surrogate mothers. In that case, there is trafficking in human beings.

If you are looking for a surrogate mother abroad, pay attention to the financial and health risks. If they lie with the surrogate mother, this could indicate exploitation.  Legal Bear in mind that in some countries it is difficult to arrange for the child to become legally legitimate after delivery and to take him to any other country. In Ukraine, for example, the prospective parents are seen directly as legal parents.  Parents of a child born by a surrogate have the right as well as natural parents to give this child to a nursing home without giving a reason, although they must pay a proxy for his birth. Thus, the defective goods (a sick child, crippled, not quite beautiful) turn to the store, meaning to the nursing home.

Make appointments

Whether you know the surrogate (well), or not at all: it is in all cases significant to make explicit agreements to maintain a good relationship with each other. Who pays the costs of pregnancy (courses, physiotherapy, position clothes, etc.)? Who is there at the birth, and what will be the role of the surrogate mother after birth? For detailed information on surrogacy in Ukraine visit https://surrogacybypons.com/

How to make a decision to start a Surrogacy program?

How to make a decision to start a Surrogacy program?


From the early childhood, family has become the most important part of our life. I’ve always dreamt to have a big happy family with noisy kids and numerous relatives that can gather to spend holidays all together in a big house with New-Years tree or summer barbecue. I don’t know which dreams you have, but I’m totally sure, that if you’re reading this article, children exist in your dreams about a happy life.

Unfortunately, sometimes the road to our happiness is long and windy. Nowadays many couples worldwide face an unfavorable diagnosis – infertility. Of course, the reproductive system problems do not just appear from nowhere. Each case has its own specific reasons, background and circumstances. Even if you have met the most disappointing treatment results, there is no need to despair. Pons Medical Research carries out its activities on the territory of Ukraine, one of the few countries with exceptionally favorable legislation in the field of reproductive technologies in the whole world besides a highly qualified and customer-oriented medical workforce. We created our Surrogacy program to assist people to find a solution to this crucial question of their life.

The most common reasons why couples decide to apply to Surrogacy are the following:

– Not having a uterus because of a hysterectomy or being born without a functional uterus;

– Significant uterine abnormalities, including uterine scarring (Asherman’s Syndrome) and inability to develop a thick, supportive uterine lining;

– Significant medical conditions that make carrying a pregnancy risky for a woman’s health (such as hypertension) and other different diseases involving the internal organs, in which child bearing is contraindicated (a large group of diseases that can be of infectious, toxic, thermal, mechanical nature);

– Anatomical changes of the endometrium which have resulted in the loss of receptivity and that is not treatable;

– Chronic reproductive loss. Repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts (not less than 4 embryo-transfers) after obtaining high quality embryos (after an unsuccessful IVF procedure, the patient may use surrogacy or freeze their embryos in order to perform future embryo-transfers as a way to increase the chances of getting pregnant).

Surrogacy process is a big and complicated journey starting from “the decision point” to your trip home with the child. That’s why to make this journey accompanied by Pons Medical Research Team would be much easier for you. Nevertheless, the process of making choices in our life is quite difficult, especially if you need to take a decision that could change your life direction completely.

Is it scary to start Surrogacy program?

Well, it takes courage to admit your fear. Even from our side, as your companion, we feel excitement with each new client like everything happens for the first time. It takes efforts and a lot of time to be a part of a gradual process of life creation.

The biggest difficulty is that you will never know the crystal clear answer on the main question in your life, until you make the first step. Life is not a book, which you can flip through to know what will be in the end. Life is rather like a series of questions, mistakes and corrections. But ask yourself; won’t you regret not to have taken this this huge step towards parenthood in a five years term? Part of you believes that you are doing everything you can in the proper way, but until you try to do everything possible and impossible, some part of you will be punishing yourself for not doing more.

We all have to find our own ways to be happy. We can discuss the reasons why some couples start a Surrogacy program for hours. However, the main point is that Surrogacy has arisen not only because of technical capabilities and the emergence of modern equipment, but also because of the increasing of empathy level and mutual assistance.

Whatever happens, you will never lose if you keep moving. The most important changes in our life are not easy to come by; as usual doubts, concern or obstacles follow them. But good things happen to those who do the right things. Pons Medical Research Company believes that all together we can do very right things. Just make probably the main decision of your life – the decision to be happy.







How to select your surrogacy provider and which country to opt for?

How to select your surrogacy provider and which country to opt for?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects that a couple should base their surrogacy provider’s search. Thus, the 2 most important aspects when heading for surrogacy is to first chose the right country and then select the right surrogacy provider. Again, it is very important to research more and more, before getting into any decision, because it’s bliss to be a mother of a child.


In the recent years, Ukraine has witnessed a massive growth of surrogate pregnancy, supported by the transparent laws of Ukraine which welcomes foreigners and world class technological reach as compared of many other low cost surrogacy countries, Surrogacy cost Ukraine is leading the way forward for the excellent technology it offers. IVF and surrogacy is growing in Western Europe due to its lost cost and high end service quality and has been accelerating every day due to the closure of several popular destinations for intended parents.


Surrogacy may not be the original wish for a couple who decides to grow their family, however  the great encouragement and support of the Ukrainian government and the increasing demand for surrogacy have opened the gates of hope for intentional parents in Ukraine. Increasing number of surrogacy centers or Surrogacy agencies often leaves willful couples confused about where to go and what practices are best for them.


Surrogacy providers are companies specialized in this process of assisted reproduction that helps infertile couples choose the most appropriate assisted reproductive technology for having a baby according to their case. IVF and surrogacy is often being seen as the only ray of hope for growing the family of seeking couples. So, before deciding on any surrogacy provider, you should be 100% sure you are on the right path.


Ukraine tops the charts here, for its world class technology at very optimum costs. Fertility specialists check that the mothers must already have given birth to a first child in good physical and mental health. Many surrogate mothers, as well as oocyte donors, are chosen according to the color of the skin and eyes, the family antecedents, and even the level of study and the IQ. Large international companies and many famous fertility specialists are offering all sorts of services for commercial surrogacy, such as contracting, oocyte donation, and the selection of the surrogate mother.


Ukrainian fertility specialists and agencies are the first to use the unlimited possibilities of the Internet to publish their success stories. “Positive result guaranteed even in desperate cases”, “satisfied or reimbursed” can be read on some leading sites, while others even assure that in case of a first unsuccessful attempt of commercial surrogacy, customers “can continue their attempts with another surrogate mother or another ovum donor, until the procedure has come to fruition.


In recent years, many surrogacy consultancies and clinics have emerged all around the Ukraine that accompanies future parents throughout the surrogacy process. And, as surrogacy is illegal in many countries; these agencies act as a bridge between the future parents and the parties involved in the country of destination offering surrogacy services, which includes fertility clinics, rent belly agency, lawyers in the country of destination, donor agencies and more.


Here are some important checkpoints to take into account before you determine which surrogacy agency is eligible to be hired:
#1 The countries with which it works for.
#2 Number of years in the business.
#3 Number of clients who have trusted them to date.
#4 Number of cases handled successfully.
#5 If they have legal contacts in all the countries with which they work.
#6 If they work with international clients.
#7 If you have more than one fertility clinic to offer to prospective parents.
#8 Are their lawyers specialized in family law?
#8 Are their cost in acceptable standards and they are not overcharging.


You should thoroughly study the contracts of these consultancies and see how it is linked if any law changes in the country of destination, such as in Mexico, France, Australia, USA(some states) that has banned surrogacy for international patients.


In order to carefully choose the right surrogacy agency Ukraine and complete the process peacefully, there are few basic indicators that are essential to follow:
Reputed surrogacy agencies will never advice you to make all your payments in cash. Instead, they will offer you multiple reliable payment options, such as using cards or international bank transfers. Bank transfers and card payments give you a solid transactional history supervised by your bank itself, as a third party. It will save you from situations of unnecessary or unavoidable conflicts. Some reputed clinics like Pons Medical Research even offer payment arrangements in the country of origin of the couple and help the couple avoid international transfer inconveniences.


Another threat associated with cash payments, is theft or robbery, as carrying cash over the international borders is itself a set of issues. Every country has their own cash transportation limits for travelers, hence in case you are planning to carry a bigger amount you will have to go through the hassle of declaration submission and other related documentation. Take advice from your Surrogacy provider on how much to carry for the payment.


Secondly, make sure the rates you are being offered by the surrogacy agency are fair and according to the market standards. In case, the rates seem higher than usual or if they seem excessively low, there is probably a chance you are not dealing with a trustworthy agency. Pons Medical Research is a market leader in Ukraine for providing the best surrogacy technology at a very optimal cost in Ukraine surrogacy cost.


You will find many clinics that will offer you lower rates than the market price, but remember these clinics generally have a contract with older pregnant women rejected by reputed agencies or pregnant women who live in unsafe areas. Sometimes the reason for lower rates is skimming on the care for the pregnant woman during her pregnancy.


Your price chart for surrogacy generally consists of surrogate compensation, lodging, boarding, transportation, medical facilities, medicines, pregnancy supervision and all legal expenses. However, do not forget that there are other charges as well, which are not involved in the basic price paid by you to the surrogacy agency Ukraine. The extra costs are also detailed in the contracts of some good surrogacy providers.

Most common questions and ethical issues surrounding surrogate mothers

Most common questions and ethical issues surrounding surrogate mothers

Commercial surrogacy is the process in which a mother will offer her own uterus to get transferred embryos from another couple, due to different problems such as infertility, old age, social issues and more. In such cases, a couple decides to resort to surrogacy to give life to their own child. We are trying to answer some of the most common questions on surrogate mothers.


So what exactly happens when the surrogate mother gives birth?

Once the surrogate mother has given birth, she will renounce all the rights and obligations that she would have over the baby, and the intended parents become the legal guardians of the new born kid by all means.


Where did the surrogate gestation start from and how safe is it?
The surrogacy process originally began to take place in the US and this process is highly safe, for both for the mother and the child. For a candidate to finally gestate a baby for the Intended Parents, she must go through a large number of evaluations where she will finally be selected by a specialized surrogate gestation agency.


The surrogate mother, is it really important?
The surrogate mother is the most important part of the surrogacy process, as she is the one who will make your dream of becoming a parent come true. The surrogate mother is the person who gives birth to the baby that you so eagerly wish.


How do I find and select a surrogate mother?
Pons Medical Research helps you with that and helps you manage the relationship throughout the journey. Some clients are matched with a surrogate within days and others take some weeks’ time when they are looking for surrogate mother. We give you profiles to review and decide whom you would like to proceed with for your surrogate mother process.

Is the surrogate mother genetically linked to the baby?
No. There is no genetic connection between the baby and the surrogate mother. This is because the egg from which the baby is born is taken from a donor. In that case there is no possibility that the surrogate mother has any genetic connection with the baby.


How is the optimal surrogate mother evaluated?

Specialized surrogacy companies like Pons Medical Research take great care when choosing the optimal surrogate mother. The recruiting agency carries out a prior evaluation, as well as a medical, psychological, social background assessment (“compulsory” surrogate pregnancy is not allowed, it must be voluntary and consensual), with an obstetric review, among other things for completing the surrogate mother process.


What women cannot be chosen to be surrogate mothers?
Women who are in social exclusion, drug addiction, women with different medical problems, and women with some problems linked to the fact that the surrogacy process cannot be completed correctly will not be eligible to be surrogate mothers.


How do you choose the best surrogate mother for your baby?

In order to choose the perfect surrogate mother, you must do your research and prepare a questionnaire. We must not forget that the choice of the surrogate mother is a difficult and delicate process for intended parents when they are looking for surrogate mother. In this way, the affinity of ideas between the person or couple and the surrogate mother will become a lot easier.


What role does the surrogate mother play in the surrogacy process?

The surrogate mothers are women with a great will to get pregnant and gestate the child that will make other people or families happy; this is a sign of devotion and generosity when getting a surrogate.
The surrogate mothers will not normally have any kind of biological connection with the future child, the surrogate mother is simply the “incubator” that will take care of the fetus and give it affection during the 9 months the pregnancy lasts.


What is the profile of a surrogate mother?

The most common profile of surrogate mothers varies according to the country where they come from. For example, in Ukraine, the majority of women who wishes to become substitute mothers are women with a medium socioeconomic status, who have no infertility issues and see the surrogacy as a way to achieve some personal goals and at the same time help other people to be parents.
When reputed surrogacy agencies during getting a surrogate contact women, who are ready to be a surrogate, the mothers who rent their womb are recognized with total naturalness, and they are generally mothers who are capable of fulfilling several requirements in order to provide the best service.

In most cases, surrogate mothers are married, with children and stable work. These are the people who want to be surrogate mothers, for some specific reason.


What if the Surrogate Mother changes her mind after the delivery and wants to keep the child?

Ukraine is one of the very few countries where surrogacy is legal. Surrogates in Ukraine have no parental rights over the child, as stated on Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine. Thus, a surrogate mother cannot refuse to hand over the baby over if she changes her mind after birth.


How many attempts can we have with the one surrogate mother?

This will be stated in the surrogacy agreement and depending upon what the surrogate mother agrees to but is usually a maximum of 3 attempts and then we change the surrogate mother.


What happens if the surrogate mother’s life is at risk during the pregnancy?

In all countries the doctors will do what is necessary to save her life or minimize the risk to her. However, if situation still goes worse, this usually means a termination of the pregnancy.


What series of professionals will intervene in the process of maternal surrogacy?
For a process of maternal surrogacy to be carried out, the below professionals are needed.

#1 The surrogacy agency:
 The agency in the process of surrogating is going to have a fundamental role since it will be responsible for finding the right surrogate mother for you.

Once the person or the couple has found the right surrogate mother, the agency will also accompany the pregnant mother for her visits to the gynecologist, group meetings with the psychologist, and If necessary, meetings with nutritionists.
On the other hand, the agency also helps the intended parents so they can complete the necessary documentation to return the baby to their own country.
The agency also prepares the contract with lawyers who have specialization in the field of surrogacy law and practicing for the same for years.

#2 Fertility Clinic: 
Fertility clinics in the surrogacy process have three functions, evaluating both the candidates (surrogate mothers and the egg donors), in vitro fertilization, and other genetic evaluations. Once that the pregnancy is confirmed, they supervise it during the first 3 months, then the pregnant mother will go to see the gynecologist for the evaluation and supervision of the rest of the pregnancy and future delivery.

#3 Coordination Center: 
The main company will supervise the entire process during the course of the pregnancy so that it meets the optimal requirements.


What functions will you have to look after fundamentally?
The lawyers will draft private contracts between the surrogate mother and the Intended Parents. This documentation will have two copies, one will be for the intended parents, and the second will be for the surrogate mother, in this way it is guaranteed that both names and surnames of the intended parents will be in the documentation of the baby at the time of the baby’s discharge.


When will intended parents enjoy total custody of the child?
The physical and legal custody of the child is assumed immediately after the birth, at that point the intended parents themselves will have full legal responsibility for the baby.

Why is Ukraine leading in Surrogacy Programs? Surrogacy in Ukraine

Why is Ukraine leading in Surrogacy Programs? Surrogacy in Ukraine. And why intended parents around the world are preferring Ukraine over other countries

Surrogacy in Ukraine has great demands across the continents, there is a high sanitary culture of the population and so is the culture of awareness, education, knowledge, and intelligence. A surrogate mother Ukraine can carry out her chores comfortably, like giving birth to her child and breastfeeding, taking care and feeding herself properly. In addition, there are several other benefits which you should know about, that you can order a special service in the surrogacy center of the clinics.


Surrogacy in Ukraine

When a couple decides to use surrogacy as a reproductive service and find a surrogate, they have their next question waiting in line, i.e. where this happens in the best possible way, one of the most critical is to choose the country. The attention of many married couples is attracted to Ukraine because it can be placed on the list of the countries where there’s a usage of the latest reproduction technologies and finest devices, all this at an optimum cost as compared to USA, Canada and other European countries. With India now shut down for foreign intended couples seeking surrogacy, Ukraine is the best choice among all the countries providing surrogacy programs.


Whatever the reason for the childlessness of a couple be, but it is often very hurtful and people who wish to have a baby, opt for commercial surrogacy as a boon for growing their incomplete family. Surrogacy opens the doors to reproductive technologies and the only resort for childless couples. If any couple decides to use assisted reproductive technology, attention of childless couples is grabbed by Ukraine. The reproduction technology like surrogacy is applied officially and is governed and regulated by law in Ukraine. The law optimally regulates all legal questions regarding the possible relationship between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents. A multi-level system of protection for genetic parents have been developed, that fully protects them from the risk of the surrogate mother has some rights for the child. So, you can rule out legal complications when registering the child.


The fact that surrogacy is declared legal in Ukraine by the government, allows a strict selection of a volunteer who wants to be the surrogate mother Ukraine, as physical health and mental condition is checked and only those women who have undergone special tests and showed no bad habits get into the database for election of surrogate mother. The most important thing that is checked is the health of the surrogate mother. Whether it is optimal for carrying a child or not, and in addition, there’s a privilege that allows women who already have their own children and consciously approach the right surrogacy agencies for carrying a baby for another family.


Ukraine is territorially on the European continent, which is a benefit for married couples from Europe. Here, the society openly accepts to those who resort to surrogacy and understand the importance and necessity of such kind of reproductive technology in certain situations.


The cost of implementing the surrogacy program in Ukraine is much lower than in many other countries where the surrogacy program is legal. European service, low prices, and loyal Ukrainian legislation – these are some of the main reasons why thousands of married couples from all over the world come to Ukraine to carry out the surrogacy program.


Healthy lifestyle and genes of Ukrainian residents

The next advantage of surrogacy in Ukraine is the good genes of the Ukrainians. There are maximum women in the country with great health indicators due to their active lifestyles and healthy eating habits. Everyone likes a healthy child, and that comes only if the genes are good. More importantly, healthy genes are acquired in situations where the donation of an egg is necessary for the birth of a child. In Ukraine, couples from Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and around the world have the opportunity to find a surrogate and to get high-quality genetic material that is screened for hereditary diseases.


Medical advancement of the country in reproductive technologies

Ukrainian medicine has seen the face of the leading positions worldwide in the field of reproductive technologies. The specialists incorporate the latest advances in science and use them for the family that dreams of becoming parents. At the same time, the prices of modern reproduction technologies in the country are very attractive. If you look at the price-performance ratio of surrogacy proposals in the world, then Ukraine can be considered one of the best countries in the world for those who want their surrogate mother to have the child. Pons Medical Research is a leading name in Ukraine, when it comes to result oriented surrogacy program management. They definitely take care of the quality and provide good services at an unbeatable cost. You only need to select the desired program from the offer. The rest is done by the professionals, fertility specialists, and expert doctors. With them, you can be sure that soon your family will be replenished and the old dream of the birth of a healthy baby in form of a surrogate child finally comes true.


Robust family law of the country

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where surrogacy is completely regulated by law. The Family Code of Ukraine states that a child born as a result of the use of assisted reproduction techniques is related to the spouses whose genetic material was used for their conception. In contrast to some other countries where a surrogate mother is required to give consent for the registration of the genetic parent as the parent of the child she has delivered and, in principle, to keep the child after the birth of a child, such a possibility about surrogate mother rights is completely discarded in Ukraine. And, that intended parents have full access to their child immediately after the birth of the child.


Traditional surrogacy refers to a biological relationship between a woman – the surrogate mother – and the child to be delivered by her. In Ukraine, this procedure of surrogacy is strictly prohibited and is considered as the surrender (sale) by the mother of her own child.


In the case of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother has no biological connection with the surrogate child she has gestated. She carries out an embryo of the biological parents, the customers.


Ukraine is one of the few countries where the selection of the sex of a future child by means of genetic preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is legally allowed. PGD this is also a useful tool to ensure the health of the child and a mean to prevent possible genetic disorders.