Stages of surrogacy program

Your Surrogacy journey with us is not so difficult as you think!

Read about these Six steps you need to do to become parents!

Step 1. Free Medical Consultation

 ►Make your initial medical examination. First of all, we need: spermogram, HIV test, previous medical history of both members of the couple. 

►Send it to our specialist with the description of your problem. 

►Receive free medical consultation about your specific case and plan of treatment.

Step 2. Legal Consultation

►Send us legal details of your case (copy of your passports and marriage certificate) 

►Get the details from our lawyer about the legal part of your surrogacy journey and a plan of going home with the new-born baby. 


Step 3. Before you come

►Let’s make a plan for your individual surrogacy program. 

►Book the tickets for the first visit to the country of surrogacy.

►Let us know about the date you plan to visit us and get your schedule for the first visit.

►Choose your donor/surrogate 


Step 4. During the First Visit

►Visit us personally and sign all necessary documentation for your surrogacy journey. 

►Visit our Doctor and give him your biological material. 

►Meet your donor and surrogate mother

►Go home and wait until your baby is born.  



Surrogacy Baby and Parents


Surrogacy journey

Step 5. Waiting for you baby

►During the whole period of surrogate mother’s pregnancy you will get updated information about the process via e-mail, including monthly reports of the process with medical documentation and photo/video recordings.  


Step 6. Second Visit

►Come back to us and hug your baby! 

►Get the certificate of birth, where you are written as legal parents. 

►Go with our lawyer to the Embassy of your country and get the citizenship of your baby. 

►Get the passport of the baby in the Embassy and come back home with your baby.

Your surrogacy journey is finished!

Still not sure about your surrogacy program? 

Read how to make a decision to start Surrogacy program and why you should sign a contract with us in our blog!

stages of surrogacy program

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