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The Surrogate mother is the most important person in any surrogacy program. Our surrogates are healthy and happy to help childless couples from all around the world to fulfill their dreams about having babies! We take care of our surrogate mothers a much as we can and we always try to find out the most appropriate solution for any life situation you face. Our coordinator will be in touch with you the whole program in any time of the day. Attention of the team of experienced doctors and hospitals with good conditions are guaranteed. Absolutely legal and transparent agreement, concluded in the Notary.

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Here you can find the most common questions of our Surrogate mothers and our answers to it

1. Who can be a surrogate mother?

Surrogate mothers can be mentally and physically healthy persons in age before 35 y.o. who has at least one her own healthy child.

NB! In Georgia you can be a surrogate if you are less than 38 y.o.

2. Will I have genetic link to the baby I carry?

No, the embryos are created from the biological material of Future Parents and if needed a donor. The surrogate mother has no genetic link to the child.

3. Can I become a surrogate if I had a c-section before?

Yes, we take surrogate mothers after c-section if the scar is good.

4. How many times I can be a surrogate mother?

We do not recommend to participate in surrogacy program more than 2 times in the short time frames.

5. How long time needs to pass from the previous delivery?

At least 1 year needs to pass from the previous delivery before you become pregnant again. The final decision is taken after the ultrasound examination.

6. Can I participate in the program if I live in another city/country?

Sure, we will buy you tickets to the surrogacy destination and provide you with accommodation when it is needed.

7. Can I come with a child?

Yes, you can come from your home country with your child.

8. How much is the compensation for the program?

Our compensation for surrogates starts from 17000 USD per program.

9. Are there any guarantees for me during the program? Will I really receive my compensation? Are there some risks for me as a surrogate?

Our surrogates conclude notarized agreement between the Future Parents (through their representative by Power of attorney) and the Surrogate Mother. All payments and risks are written in the contract, everything is legal and transparent. We, as an agency, guarantee you the transparency and fair compensation.

10. Do I have any parental responsibilities when the child in born? Can parents refuse the child?

No, you have no parental responsibilities to the newborn child if it is born in surrogacy program. The parents of the child are his/her biological parents. They will take care of baby. They cannot refuse the child even if the child is born with abnormalities.

11. Which analyses I need to pass before the program?

To know if you can be a surrogate mother you need to pass a gynecological ultrasound on 9-12th day of cycle (depends on case, but as a rule we need an ultrasound made on the 10th day of cycle). After that you will need to pass some general analyses like General blood analyses, blood group and Rhesus, analyses for HIV, syphilis, Hepatitis B and C. We can do these analyses in our clinic or you can make it by yourself in your city before the program starts.

12. Who is paying for my preliminary analyses?

We always refund the money you spent to make the analyses listed below or we take you with us to make these analyses on place. Surrogate mother doesn’t spend her own money to pass checking before the program.

13. My analyses are ok, when can we start the program?

Once you pass the preliminary analyses, we will invite you to our clinic to make control checking and to pass other medical tests needed before surrogacy program. At the same time we will ask you to fill the questionary – the special form with the most important information about you, so that future parents can understand who is going to carry their baby. It is very important to be fair and friendly when you are filling such kind of questionary, because this is the first step to find the best matching between the surrogate and the couple!

Please, take into account that surrogacy program is a long work and the program doesn’t start immediately! Sometimes you will need to pass a treatment before you can participate in the program and it can take couple of months until your medical tests are ok.

14. Are you treating a surrogate mother before the program?

Sometimes, if some small treatment is required, we do this at our own expenses.

15. Is your medical center ok? Are there experienced doctors?

Yes, we work with the best clinic in Georgia, Armenia and Belarus. We guarantee you highly qualified doctors who will take care of your health during the program and comfortable conditions for delivery.

16. Can I meet/ talk with future parents? Can I have a direct contact with future parents?

We always let our surrogates to talk/meet with future parents. We organize video-calls on demand. However, we recommend to do this in presence of our coordinator who can help you with the translation, because, as a rule, you talk different languages!

17. How is the preparation for embryo-transfer done?

The preparation for the embryo-transfer starts from the beginning of your cycle under the supervision of the doctor of reproductive center. You will need to take medications that will make your body ready for pregnancy. It is needed to take pills and to make injections in specific time of the day. It is important to follow the doctor’s protocol very strictly and to make your best so the pregnancy occurs from the first attempt! After you have been assigned for the program it will take half of month before you are ready for the embryo-transfer.

18. Are these medicines dangerous for my health?

No, these medicines are not dangerous for your health, there are hormonal medicines there, but if you follow the doctors recommendations, everything will be fine!

19. Is it important to take medicines in specific time of the day?

Yes, it is very important to take medicines in the specific time of the day prescribed by the doctor.

20. Is there somebody who will support me during the program?

Sure, our coordinator will be the first person to communicate with whatever happens to you during the program. She is always in touch.

21. How many embryos will be transferred per one transfer?

We usually transfer two embryos per one transfer, so there is a possibility to have twins. However, this is not guaranteed! Can be that the 1 embryo implants and the other doesn’t. We transfer two embryos per one transfer to increase the possibility to get pregnancy faster. If there are some specific conditions, can be only one embryo per transfer, all this we will discuss personally before the program.

22. When is the first payment of the program done?

The first payment of the program is done on the day of embryo-transfer.

23. What happened after the embryo-transfer? Is it 100% sure that I will become pregnant?

No, unfortunately it is not always guaranteed that the pregnancy occurs from the first attempt. Sometimes pregnancy occurs after the second or third transfer.

24. I had a transfer and I didn’t become pregnant, what happens next?

You will need to give your body a free month to recover and then we will try again! It is not always a fault of the surrogate mother that pregnancy didn’t occur. Sometimes embryos are not implanting well because of genetic mistakes inside the embryo.

25. I am pregnant after the transfer! What happens next?

You will be under supervision of the reproductive clinic for the beginning of pregnancy and then, when the pregnancy is stable, you will have usual pregnancy care in the Maternity House.

26. Can I choose Maternity House or the place of delivery by myself?

No, the agency choose the place of you pregnancy care and delivery.

27. Can I choose the place of living by myself?

If you need help with the place of living, the Agency will help you to find it. If you live at home during your program and you are going to move, you need to inform your coordinator about this decision once it is taken.

28. I am pregnant and I feel bad, what should I do?

If you feel bad during pregnancy immediately call your coordinator! At any time of the day, night, or holidays. Especially if you have pain in low part of the body, bleeding, nausea and vomiting. Don’t wait! If situation is critical call emergency!

29. Can I have sexual relationships with my husband during the program?

No, during the preparation for the program and during the program you cannot have sexual relationships.

30. I am going to deliver soon! How will be the delivery? Can I ask for c-section?

We are very happy that pregnancy went well! Delivery is performed in comfortable Maternity House. C-section is done only according to Medical indications. After the baby is born, the nurse will take the baby out of the room and the medical staff of the Maternity House or the Biological Mother of the baby will take care if him/her. After the doctor is sure that you feel well, you will be discharged from the Maternity House.

31. When is the final payment done?

The final payment is done during 10 days after the delivery.

32. Can I move to another city when I want during or immediately after the delivery?

No, you cannot move to another city without approval of our coordinator. Sometimes we need your help after the delivery with some paperwork that needs to be done so that the parents can finish their legal work before getting babies passports to go home. We really believe that you will do your best to help them to become legal parents of the baby as soon as possible and to fill all the papers needed for your side.

33. Is genetic test done after the delivery?

In Armenia genetic test is done every time after the delivery to prove that there is no genetic link between the surrogate mother and the child. In other countries it is done on demand.

34. Can I tell to my friends/parents that I am participating in surrogacy program?

We always ask the surrogate mother to tell to her relatives that she is going to be a surrogate. It is always good to have support during pregnancy. If the surrogate mother is married notarized agreement of the husband of the surrogate before the start of the program is needed. However, you should not go into the details of the agreement or to disclose personal data of future parents, because agreement by itself is strictly confidential. Future communications between the Parents and the Surrogate Mother after the delivery is not recommended.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in WhatsApp by the number +375 44 723 76 21 or by e-mail [email protected]

We are always happy to answer to give you some small consultation before you take the final decision to participate in the program!

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