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Surrogacy Passport and Documents for the Baby

Surrogacy passport for the baby

Securing a surrogacy passport and other vital documents for your new surrogate baby is a necessary step for establishing their legal identity and rights. The process starts with obtaining a birth certificate, acting as the primary document to prove the baby’s identity and parentage. Applying for a surrogacy passport requires this certificate.

Depending on your country, you might also need additional documents such as parental consent or court orders, especially in cases of international surrogacy. Starting early is important to navigate potential bureaucratic challenges smoothly and to ensure your baby’s right to travel and access services.

Surrogacy Passport and Documents in Different Countries

When you engage with the surrogacy process in Georgia, your child or children will be legally recognized as yours on their birth certificate, listing you as the mother and father. Obtaining your baby’s passport becomes possible with the certificate.

Surrogate lawyers will assist you with the passport application, which generally requires a birth certificate from the Registrar and, occasionally, a DNA test if demanded by consular authorities. Be aware that the process could extend up to 30-40 days, depending on the specific requirements of your country. During this time, you’ll need to stay in Georgia.

We recommend you take an active role in the passport application process. You should contact your embassy or consulate several months before your baby’s birth to start preparing all the necessary documents in advance.

You’ll benefit from extensive experience gained from successfully dealing with various embassies and consulates, ensuring smoother proceedings except in a few cases where delays were caused by insufficient documentation. Be aware that the process may be complex and requires detailed preparation for some countries.

Important for parents from Germany, Italy, Israel, and Spain:

Despite existing restrictions in the listed countries, you can still participate in a surrogacy program and subsequently receive your baby’s travel pass.

Surrogacy passport and other documents for the baby
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