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Surrogacy in Georgia

Georgia is a relatively new and not so popular destination for surrogacy. European and American clients are typically not very familiar with this country andd know very little about specialists, laboratory equipment and law regulation about surrogacy process in Georgia. We can assure you, that with more or less the same price than in Ukraine (the prices here varies from 35,000 USD to 55,000 USD) in Georgia you can get the same or ever better quality of services.

First of all, during last few years IVF and surrogacy in Georgia has developed enormously and new opportunities for international couples have arisen. Lastly, the country has seen the opening of several new IVF clinics equipped with the most advanced technology, which gives more possibilities for treatment not only for local or middle-east patients, but for patients all around the World.

Comparable with Ukraine or Russia, here you can request infertility treatment and surrogacy, even if you are not married. According to Georgian legislation, it is possible for heterosexual couples, although still not possible for single parents. Egg-donors here are not anonymous, so you can personally meet them and even sign a contract in Notary together with your surrogate mother.

Neither surrogates nor egg-donors have parental rights of babies born through surrogacy in Georgia. Intended Parents are written as legal parents in the birth certificate of a baby.

Another extremely important advantage here is that in case that your country of origin rejects giving the citizenship to your baby you can obtain Georgian citizenship and travel passport in less than a month. The procedure for such cases is strictly regulated and simplified and takes not more than 3 weeks and a 100 Euros legal fee. This is much quicker and cheaper than in Ukraine or Russia, where such procedure for babies born via surrogacy is not established and decisions are taken by the government exceptionally.

Many couples hesitate when deciding if to come to this country, just because it doesn’t have so many Embassies of foreign countries inside it. It is true that many Embassies and Consulates, which are responsible for Georgian territory are situated either in Turkey or in Armenia but still the country counts with Embassies of such important countries as Germany, China, US, France and United Kingdom. In any case, we strongly recommend this surrogacy destination for all couples, without exceptions. According to our experience, it takes much less time to come to the Embassy in Turkey and back, that to wait for decision of Ukrainian or Russian authorities regarding the issuance of nationality for the newborn surrogacy baby.

Lawyer: Anna Sukahnova

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