Platinum Surrogacy Program in Belarus

Platinum program

Commercial gestational surrogacy has been legal in Belarus since 2006. For those that now little about this country and its laws, please, read the following article

The Platinum program is the result of a Partnership between our Company and an important Medical Institution of Belarus. We offer you advanced IVF technologies in a modern country at affordable prices. A unique combination of our Belarusian package.

As in all of our packages we cover the expenditures associated with the pregnancy care during the 9 months of pregnancy, accommodation and the legal assistance required for the registration of the baby.

We also allow the possibility of performing the stimulation of the Intended Mother.

This package (Platinum Surrogacy Program in Belarus) offers the following features:

Price: 38.800 Euros
IVF fertilization Cycle and up to 4 embryo-transfers
Optional PGS test
Full payment to surrogate mother and oocyte´s donor
All medical tests of the Surrogate Mother and change of Surrogate Mother (if necessary)
2 obligatory trips to Belarus (Minsk)
All necessary medicines for the Surrogate Mother
Possibility to choose among different surrogate mothers
Possibility to choose among different oocytes' donors
No extra medical cost in case of Cesarean section
Full accommodation during the first and second visits
Prematurity care included
Transportation from/to Airport, Hotel, Clinic, etc.
All legal services
Interpretation services during the whole program
Stimulation of Biological Mother if required

Extra fees

Extra fees
Twins: 4.000 Euros
Freezing of Sperm (to be paid in advance in all cases): 200 Euros
Storage of Biological Material for 1 year (to be paid in advance in all cases): 360 Euros
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