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Our History

The story of Pons Medical begins in Ukraine in 2016. At that time, surrogacy services in Ukraine and around the world were experiencing a boom. Pons Medical was founded by Edel Pons Suarez, a Spanish medical specialist in the field of nutrition. In 2017 he managed to create a team of several specialists, including specialists in marketing, reproductive medicine and law, as well as administrative staff, who together took the first steps in our successful history. 

To be successful in the Ukrainian environment was not easy, the competition was huge and often plagued by dishonesty. Surrogacy agencies with a larger number of clients were able to offer huge discounts at the expense of quality and terrible conditions for surrogates. In addition, there were often problems with the supply of medicines to maternity hospitals and widespread corruption.

Faced with these challenges, the company’s management decided to phase out its work in Ukraine and move its activities to other countries. From 2021, Pons Medical stopped providing surrogacy services in Ukraine altogether.

In 2019, the company decided to open a subsidiary in Georgia. At that time, surrogacy in Georgia was getting more attention due to a flexible legal framework and the absence of corruption. The cost of gestational surrogacy in Georgia was also cheaper than the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine. Surrogacy Georgia became popular, especially for couples from countries like Spain and China. In general, surrogacy procedures in Georgia were often smooth and relatively quick.

As a result, Pons Medical offered surrogacy services in Georgia until the summer of 2023, when the Georgian government announced that surrogacy services would no longer be offered to foreigners.

Considering the length of the surrogacy process, Pons Medical decided to temporarily stop offering gestational surrogacy services in Georgia until the situation was clarified. It should also be noted that the cost of surrogacy Georgia has increased significantly in recent years. After the start of the war in Ukraine, many surrogacy agencies moved to Georgia, adding pressure to an already saturated market.

Low cost surrogacy is no longer available in Georgia despite the fact of being a relatively poor country. The compensation of surrogate mothers has increased dramatically reaching up to $25,000 (compared to $16,000 just a few years ago) as more and more surrogacy agencies appeared in the country propped up by a surge in the demand of international surrogacy services, often demanded by LGTB parents, which created strong feelings of rejection in Georgian society.

At the European level, surrogacy services have been more and more restricted since the Covid pandemics. During the pandemics, many parents were unable to meet their children due to travel and movement restrictions. Not long after the end of the pandemics, and because of the negative experience created by hundreds of newborns being cut off from their parents, Russia decided to ban surrogacy services for foreigners.

Following in Russia’s footsteps, in June 2023 Georgia announced a crackdown on gestational surrogacy to be implemented from January 1st, 2024.  The upcoming ban on surrogacy Georgia will not affect egg donor banks or IVF services, but there is no doubt that gestational surrogacy was the main share of medical reproductive services offered by Georgian clinics and surrogacy agencies. Considering that the cost of IVF in Georgia is not particularly low and the lack of suitable egg donor bank services, the impact on the economy of many clinics will be severe and probably fatal.

International surrogacy has been hit by stricter government regulation in the last 2-3 years. Extreme right or left governments in Italy and Spain have restricted their citizens from seeking surrogacy services abroad by denying registration or prosecuting the prospected parents, while other countries have banned surrogacy for foreigners, reducing the availability of suitable destinations.

The war in Ukraine has also added difficulties to the international surrogacy market due to its impact on the quantity and quality of surrogacy services provided by Ukrainian clinics and surrogacy agencies, despite the fact that many of them have tried to continue their work under impossible circumstances.

Faced with this situation, Pons Medical Group decided to open a subsidiary in Armenia. Surrogacy Armenia is not well known despite the fact that this country has a robust legislation and modern clinics. Armenia can be considered as the twin brother of Georgia, with similar religion, customs and character, and even similar legislation.

Today, Pons Medical continues to offer its gestational surrogacy and egg donor bank services to a global audience in the small but wonderful country of Armenia, where miracles are sure to happen. 

By 2023, Pons Medical has achieved a well-deserved position as a reference in the field of international surrogacy thanks to the high quality of legal and medical assistance provided to the Intended Parents. Pons Medical counts with honest, hardworking and highly qualified staff, ready to help you even in the most difficult cases.


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