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Surrogacy first visit

While scheduling your first and initial visit to our clinic, please review the below checklist to ensure we are able to completely assist you in the most efficient and timely manner for a greater experience.

You Must Bring With You The Below Records During Your Surrogacy first visit:

  • You and your partner’s passports and identity proofs;
  • Original Apostilled Marriage Certificate;
  • A copy of your medical records from your OB/GYN, primary care physician, or another fertility program;
  • Medical tests (the full list of tests can be found in the legal and medical requirements section).
Surrogacy first visit

What Will Your Initial Visit (Surrogacy first visit), Consultation & Evaluation Look Like?

One of our managers will pick you up in the airport and conduct you to a comfortable flat in the city center. You will receive all the preliminary and necessary information including a schedule of the visit and a SIM card for easy communication with our managers.

If the trip has been very long you are advised to rest for at least 1 day before the initial visit to the clinic takes place. Early in the morning next day or the day after you will be taken to the clinic for the initial consultation with the Chief Doctor in charge of the program for a thorough and detailed review of your history and medical records. Any pending medical tests will be ordered based on this initial evaluation but testing is individualized and every test is not performed on every person.

Coming up next is the collection of the biological material that will be analyzed, and thereafter frozen and stored in the clinic facilities waiting until the moment of fertilization. In case of Stimulation of the Biological Mother, the initial consultation will be followed by several more consultations and a complete stimulation protocol that will last for until 20 days.

Simultaneously you will have the possibility to meet our managers several times and have all of your questions completely clarified. You may also enjoy extra activities like city sightseeing, bathing in the sea, visits to Museums and a Welcome Lunch in one of the beautiful and cozy restaurants of the city (a present of our Team).

During the Surrogacy first visit, all the required contracts and legal documents will be signed. You can be sure that our assistants will always be with you at every step so that you feel safe and satisfied. Finally, at the end of the visit, we will accompany you to the airport for a successful trip back home.

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