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Egg Donor

You can start a Surrogacy Program immediately if you need egg donation to have your baby.

All of our donors undergo a thorough and a exhaustive screening process performed under the strictest standards.

Who can become Egg Donor?

They are young women of attractive appearance, who voluntarily agreed to donate their oocytes for couples who may need it. Their altruistic choice to become egg donors reflects a deep understanding of the profound impact they can have on the lives of others. To enter our base, these women should have their children without any health issues, including genetic ones. We require our potential egg donors to perform an exhaustive health check before undergoing ovarian stimulation as the only way to guarantee optimal results and safety for both the donor and the treated couple. The tests performed evaluate hormonal status, infection status, biochemical metabolic indicators, and the conclusion of medical specialists about the absence of contraindications to ovarian stimulation and general health. If some problems are detected, we do not include the donor in our Egg Donor Bank. In case of some special requirements (for example, a rare genetic disease), we can discuss the possibility of testing a donor for a specific mutation.

What is the main motivation for a donor to participate in a program?

       We ask donors before including them in our Egg Donor Bank about their motivation, and the main two reasons are:

  1. To receive compensation for the program

For a potential egg donor in Armenia, it may be a good choice to receive an additional income. Ovarian stimulation does not require any modifications of lifestyle. Also, there is no necessity to stay in the hospital or to stop the usual work. A doctor can prepare the stimulation protocol. After 2 weeks the follicular puncturing is performed. 

  1. To make something important

It is not a secret that many couples worldwide are unable to use their oocytes in IVF. By participating in our Egg Donor Bank program, egg donors help others to become parents.

Are the oocytes frozen?

         The donor oocytes are usually fertilized immediately after puncturing except in rare cases when fertilization cannot be performed immediately. Your donor will be prepared specially for your program. 

If I have more questions about your donors or about the Egg Donor Bank, where can I find it?

          Contact us and we will provide you will all the information you will ask!

Medical analysis performed to prepare the egg donor before starting hormonal stimulation

 Stage 1:

  • Syphilis, hepatitis B and С;
  • Blood group and Rh;
  • HIV;

Stage 2:

  • Smears of the vaginal flora;
  • PCR for ureaplasma,mollicutes, chlamidia;
  • Cytological investigation;
  • Breast ultrasound;
  • Conclusion from psychiatrist for the donor and from pediatrician for the child;

Stage 3:

  • Clinical blood test;
  • Hepatic blood tests;
  • Glucose;
  • Blood urea nitrogen;
  • Creatinine;
  • Haptoglobuline test;
  • Cholesterol;
  • Alkaline phosphatase;
  • Alpha-amylase;
  • Coagulogram;
  • Chlamidia IgA + IgG:
  • Toxoplasma IgM + IgG;
  • Rubella IgM + IgG;
  • CMV IgM + IgG;
  • TSH;
  • Free T3, free T4;
  • Antibodies for thyroperoxydase;
  • Cortisol;
  • Testosterone;
  • Prolactin, FSH, LH, Е2, Progesterone, AMH;

Stage 4:

  • Therapist conclusion.
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