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Egg Donor Bank

We offer large database of beautiful and intelligent donors to select from, giving you exclusive access to a wide range and a variety of  donors to increase your chances of becoming parents of a healthy baby.

You can begin with the start of a Surrogacy Program immediately if you need to use eggs to have your baby.

All of our donors undergo a thorough and a very detailed screening process to the strictest standards and we have detailed donor profiles for your review, this allows you to choose the right donor for your family supported by the knowledge and insight of our dedicated team.

About our Egg Donor Bank


    The need for donors is appearing because of medical conditions, which prevent to use your own oocytes in IVF cycle. They may include, but not limited with: low ovarian reserve, surgery on ovaries, low quality of own oocytes, repeated IVF failures with good quality of endometrium, etc.

          We are proud to present you our Egg Donor Bank services. If you are interested in picking an appropriate egg donor, you will definitely find your option with the help of Pons Medical Research as your infertility care provider.


Who are the donors in the Egg Donor Bank?

          They are young women of the attractive appearance, who voluntarily agreed to donate their oocytes for couples who may need it. To enter our base, these women should have own child without any health issues, including genetic ones. We require our egg donors to have ideal health before they will undergo ovarian stimulation to receive oocytes because it will guarantee both safeness to the donor and receiving oocytes of an ideal quality. To confirm their possibility to participate, we testing them according to the local laws, the testing evaluates their hormonal status, infection status, general clinical indicators, biochemical metabolic indicators, the conclusion of medical specialists about the absence of contraindications to ovarian stimulation. If some deviations will be diagnosed, this donor will not be included in our base. Also, in case of some special requirements (for example, rare genetic disease), we can discuss the possibility to test a donor for a specific mutation.


What is the main motivation for a donor to enter the Egg Donor Bank?

          We ask our donors about their motivation, and the main two reasons are:

  1. To receive a compensation for the program

For women in Ukraine, it may be a good choice to receive additional income: ovarian stimulation not require any modifications of lifestyle, there is no necessity to stay in the hospital or to stop the usual work. A doctor sets control points in the reproduction center to evaluate the quality of ovarian stimulation and later one day will be required to perform a follicular puncturing. Our compensation for donors is competitive, that’s why we are working with high-class donors with good motivation.

  1. To make something important

It is not a secret that a big amount of couples worldwide are unable to use their oocytes in IVF. By participating in our Egg Donor Bank program, egg donors help other people to become closer to their dream, to bring new life into this world and to become parents.


How will I pick a donor from the Egg Donor Bank?

          To keep the right for medical confidentiality of our donors, we will not disclose their personal data (name, address, contact data). However, you will be provided with a full phenotype description, which will include: blood group and rhesus, eye color, hair color, height, weight, constitution, education level and profession etc. Also, our donors agree to give their photos to parents to increase their chances to be picked in a program, so you will receive them to make a more weighted decision. If some more specific information will be needed, we will ask the donor to provide additional information.


When I will pick a donor from Egg Donor Bank, will oocytes be frozen?

          The donor oocytes from our Egg Donor Bank may be both frozen or received in the fresh cycle. In the most cases, we will use the second option. Because of high demand we constantly preparing donors for new programs, so your donor will be prepared especially for your program. However, there is no medical difference in frozen or fresh oocytes: our donors give high-quality eggs, which guarantee their survival after freezing-unfreezing.


If I have more questions about your donors or about the Egg Donor Bank, where can I find it?

          Contact us with any provided option and we will provide you will all the information you will ask!


About Our Egg Donors

Women become egg donors with the assistance of our sophisticated & committed donation program. All of our egg donors are healthy, fertile, and lively women aged 18-35. They undergo the following medical tests:

Stage 1:

  • HIV;
  • Syphilis, hepatitis Band С;
  • Blood group and Rh;

Stage 2:

  • Smear on the flora;
  • PCR for ureaplasma,mollicutes, chlamidia;
  • Cytological investigation;
  • Breast ultrasound;
  • Conclusion from psychiatrist for the donor and from pediatrician for the child;

Stage 3:

  • Clinical blood test;
  • Hepatic blood tests;
  • Glucose;
  • Blood urea nitrogen;
  • Creatinine;
  • Haptoglobuline test;
  • Cholesterol;
  • Alkaline phosphatase;
  • Alpha-amylase;
  • Coagulogram;
  • ChlamidiaIgA + IgG:
  • Toxoplasma IgM + IgG;
  • RubellaIgM + IgG;
  • CMV IgM + IgG;
  • TSH;
  • Free T3, free T4;
  • Antibodies for thyroperoxydase;
  • Cortisol;
  • Testosterone;
  • Prolactin, FSH, LH, Е2, Progesterone, AMH;

Stage 4:

  • Therapist conclusion.
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