The child or children of the Intended Parents receives Birth Certificate where they appear as legal parents of their baby (s), i.e. as mother and father of a child or children born in Georgia, without any mentioning to the surrogacy process. Based on this document the parents can receive the passport of their baby. Our lawyer will help the parents in obtaining the passport of the baby which is done on the basis of the Birth Certificate given by the Registrar and -occasionally- a DNA-test (required by the consular authorities). We need to point out that in some circumstances or for some specific countries this process may take long time up to 30-40 days. While the parents are waiting to receive the pass of their baby they will have to remain in Georgia.

It is very important that the parents by themselves take an active participation in the processing and issuing of the passport of their baby. In consequence, they are advised to contact their Embassy or Consulate several months before the birth takes place so that they can start the preparation of the necessary documents with good time. We have a considerable experience dealing with Embassies and Consulates of many different countries and -with the exception of a few cases where the process has been delayed because of insufficient documents provided by the parents- we have always had positive results. Please, take into account that for some countries the process may be cumbersome and requires a serious preparation.

We would like to ensure to those parents from Germany, Italy, Israel and Spain that despite the current restrictions existing in such countries, you can still come and undergo a Surrogacy Program and subsequently receive travel pass of your baby (s).

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