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Surrogacy process

Surrogacy process

Program Services

All Relevant Medical Examinations 

Whatever medical examinations you need within your program, they all are covered by your contract. Even if you have already been examined in other clinics and the reason of unsuccessful treatment wasn’t determined by them, we will do required and necessary checkups in order to make treatment effective and get the desired result.

Medications And All Medical Expenses in the Surrogacy process

All our packages include and combine all medications for hormonal stimulation in the framework of your program, medical expenses and services of medical staff.

Legal Service: Assisting In Getting All Documents In The Civil Registry Office And Embassy, Translations, Lawyer Service, Assisting Of A Manager At All Stages Of Your Program, Etc.

Our legal service department will assist you in getting all needed documents, medical and civil birth certificate, notary legalization, genetic testing and baby’s passport as quickly as possible.


All our clients stay in comfortable apartments. Our attendant staff speaks English.


All transportation to and from Clinical facilities are included.

DNA Test in the Surrogacy process

In order to get a baby’s passport, you need to prove a genetic link with the baby. There is a special procedure of DNA testing in the embassy in order to prove it.

PGD in the Surrogacy process

It is a genetic testing performed to the embryo prior to the implantation. You can make sure that embryos are healthy or determine the gender of embryos.


When your baby is born, there will be a qualified and skilled pediatrician to take care of your baby’s health. Pediatrician will teach you the basis of newborn’s care and will call on you regularly during all your stay in Ukraine.