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Surrogacy Services in Armenia and Belarus

Surrogacy Programs

Featured Services
  • – Egg Donor or Stimulation of Biological Mother
  • – All Medical tests and medicines
  • – Finding of Surrogate Mother and related legal processing
  • – ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • – Cultivation of Embryos and hatching
  • – PGS (Pre-implantation Genetic Test) (optional)
  • – Accommodation
  • – Legal Assistance
  • – Personal assistant and interpreter
  • – Assistance at the national consulate for getting passport of the baby
  • – Pediatric help
  • – Top class customer service (24 hours’ time response)

Are you ready to create your family? It this special moment you need to be confident: you have indeed made the right decision by coming to our website. Today dozens of people choose Pons Medical Group gestational surrogacy programs because of our outstanding reputation and high values. What makes us special for overseas clients: experienced & incredible staff; years of expertise & procedures in line with the corresponding European standards; affordable, lower fees according to American standards. We provide our services in the the most personal and professional way as possible, the best level of assistance in the industry.

Pons Medical Group offers a choice of the safest gestational surrogacy programs in different countries: silver surrogacy program in Armenia, platinum surrogacy program in Belarus. Our carefully selected packages are created to suit everyone’s requests by integrating a number of features that will ensure the highest chances of success in every circumstance. All our gestational surrogacy programs are safe and secure. Please, contact our specialists for choosing a plan suitable to your needs. 

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