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How to save your youth and make it longer

How to preserve your youth and make it longer?

Good nutrition and a limited sugar intake will preserve your youth and will help you to keep yourself in good shape for long.

Pons Medical is a leading surrogacy provider in Georgia with the best specialists; we understand Dietary Needs of a Pregnant Woman and the special needs of Nutrition during Pregnancy.

How does the age affect the metabolism? Are there any other ways to influence on it?

1) It’s not up to the calories, it’s up to the hormones.
Very often we can hear: “I used to eat cakes every night, but my stomach is always flat in the morning”. Everything you have eaten before was actively metabolized, but it changes as you get older.

The activity of some hormones decreases with age. There are two critical periods:
-After 30-32 years, the activity of sex hormones can decrease fourfold.
-After 45 years, it decreases from six to eight-fold.

The sooner you start to change eating behavior, the better. Remember, that your body will suffer the cumulative experience of your destructive habits. And some day your brain will stop to generate necessary quantities of important fat-burning hormones – endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Changes in dietary patterns might affect your mood in a positive way and make you more happy and satisfied. You will never feel sleepy or tired and your eyes will never hurt. By eating healthy you press the button of youth. Choosing an active lifestyle you change your hormonal balance. For example, when you start to dance, dopamine is produced. And endorphins are produced during crouching or stretching.

The main thing is that all these hormones depend on our activity.

When something unexpected and pleasant happens, serotonin levels increase and keep high for up to a whole week. We lose our weight when we are in love because of hormones in our blood. It is necessary to understand how our bodies work. So, think about yourself at 20 years old and try to reproduce that feeling again.
In order to boost your hormone levels it is important to maintain a certain level of activity. Unfortunately, some people from adult generation prefer food instead of fun. What to do?
-Experiencing romance and passion in couple 

We clearly understand the needs of a pregnant woman and use our knowledge to improve the health, quality of life and pregnancy success of our surrogate mothers.

Pons Medical is a leading surrogacy agency in Georgia with the best specialists; we understand the importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy. Pons Medical will help you to become parents even in very difficult conditions.

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