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How to select your surrogacy agency

How to select your surrogacy agency

There is no need to spend years of heartaches and many sufferings longing for a family. This is because with the help of a surrogacy agency you can create your own family. Surrogacy is never every woman’s dream of starting their own family, but to other due unavoidable circumstances or personal decisions, it remains to be the only choice or one that will serve their purpose. These agencies will help each individual get a professional education, support, and advice who are about to experience surrogacy.

Some of the services that you can expect include providing parents who want a child with one, gestational carriers and egg donors. Each of these people deserves care and respect that will see them go through with the journey and have a great experience with it. It is possible to find professional agencies that will offer you a personal touch in their services, plus quality cares a support from the start of the process to the end.

To achieve the family that you want is often a personal and somewhat unique journey. With the surrogacy agency, you need to get all the information and support as you make your decision. A good agency is one that acts as a source of knowledge to anyone in need of their services. Furthermore, they should provide the confidence and care that each decision requires.

Not everyone can qualify for surrogacy

Not everyone can qualify for surrogacy. That is why in each of these agencies you will be accessed and provided with the right education and information.

It is wise to choose that agency that knows how to match potential individuals with the right carrier. In addition, they need to ensure that every individual involved shares in the same goal and expectations. Surrogacy is a legal issue, which is why the right paper has to be processed for all the parties involved get no problems in the future. This should be taken care of by the agency including the financial matters as well as insurance details. These are sensitive issues that have to be handled with care and appropriately.

Surrogacy agency has made it easier for women to start their own families by providing intended parents with children. They also have gestational carriers and egg donors. Whatever surrogacy agency that one decides to use, it must be able to provide all the right information and knowledge to ensure that all the parties involved are geared towards one goal and fully understand the process.

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child to another couple or person. When you find yourself thinking about surrogacy, it is crucial that you are aware that it can be an emotionally-charged experience. It is helpful if you have explored other options such as adoption before deciding that surrogacy is the best method for you.

How to choose a surrogacy agency


  • Screening Process


Good surrogacy agencies carry out screening to learn about the personal and medical backgrounds of both parties. Medical screening involves ascertaining the presence of sexually transmitted diseases that can be transferred from the surrogate to the child and other health issues that can reduce the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy. Screening entails both medical as well as psychological screening. They also conduct criminal history and financial background investigations.


  • History and Reputation


Many surrogacy agencies come and go, so it is important that you find one that is reputable. You do not want to trust just anyone for a process like this one. Ensure that your agency has been around for a significant amount of time and is capable of offering successful surrogacy arrangements.


  • Legal knowledge


They are kept abreast with surrogacy laws and medical standards, a great deal of which change from time to time and differ from one state to another. Legal counsel from a resident or referred lawyer is also readily available when you make surrogacy arrangements through a good agency.


  • Provides Support


Surrogacy is associated with a number of medical, financial, emotional and legal concerns. At a good surrogacy agency, you are sure that you are going to have a team of professionals that will guide and support you at every stage of the surrogacy agreement. Through that agency, referrals to counselors are available as needed. Their surrogacy process doesn’t end right after the baby is born. Good agencies provide support throughout the adjustment period, as you welcome your new baby into your residence.


  • Total Cost and Fees


Request them for a full estimate of the total cost associated with the surrogacy process. It is important to compare them with other agencies. In addition, compare the level of service they offer within a particular price range.

How surrogacy works

Most couples use an agency to manage a surrogacy. These institutions basically serve as go-betweens, assisting intended parents to look for a suitable surrogate, make required arrangements, and collect fees, particularly compensation for medical expenses, for the surrogate. These agencies also conduct screening on possible surrogates.

Questions to ask your surrogacy agency

If you decide to choose surrogacy as a path to having a baby it is important the relationship between both parties be protected. This is accomplished by selecting an agency that is not strictly a matching service. Select an agency that is knowledgeable about surrogacy laws in your state.

It is critical to ask these following questions to the surrogacy agency:

  • How long the agency has been in surrogacy business
  • How many successful surrogacy processes have been accomplished by them
  • Their screening process for surrogacy
  • Their detailed agency fees and how the financial transactions are done
  • The fertility specialists and clinics they team up with
  • Do they have any legal advisors
  • Request to read their testimonials, reviews and ask if any of their ex-clients would agree to talk about their experience about the agency

Surrogacy provides a viable solution for couples who wish to have a child of their own. You may be wondering where to find a great surrogacy agency. There are some good surrogacy clinics in Ukraine.