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SurrogacybyPons is a website pertaining and administered by Pons Medical Research LLC. We organize International Surrogacy Programs in exclusive cooperation with the Fertility Clinic “Dary Lady”. Our mision is to help families from all around the World to fulfill the essential goal of the family: to bring on new life.

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Welcome to Pons Medical Research

Welcome to Pons Medical Research, an International Organization specialized in Reproductive Technologies and committed for global service. Nowadays many couples suffer from infertility issues and having a baby is just impossible without the help and kindness of others. For many years, having a severe form of infertility was considered an incurable misfortune. With the course of time, nonetheless, the medical sciences have advanced enough to provide solutions in even the most difficult cases. Our Advanced IVF and Surrogacy Programs are now at your disposal with prices within the reach of most of people in the Western World. We, at Pons medical Research can help you to complete your family providing you with the world´s leading reproductive technologies, strict confidentiality and the highest quality. We are witness of miracles every time the faces of the parents draw the smile of a new life. In this direction, we will continue to offer our support and advice to all the couples interested in our services and to those women who wish to become egg donors and surrogates within our egg donation and surrogacy programs. To all of them our best wishes.

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Since 2002

Commercial surrogacy has been completely legal in the Ukraine since 2002.

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Eligible IPs

In Ukraine, only straight married couples are allowed to enter gestational carrier agreements.

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Fixed Cost Entire Program

Pons Medical offers a fixed, all-inclusive surrogacy price package. You sign an agreement with Pons Medical and we will take care of everything – surrogate recruitment, screening and preparation, all medical and hospital requirements, legal and administrative tasks.

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Child’s Citizenship

Children born through a surrogacy arrangement in the Ukraine will not be granted Ukrainian citizenship. Rather the child will get the citizenship of their parent’s native country.

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Guaranteed Live Birth

In case of pregnancy ending at any stage without live birth of the baby, Pons Medical will start from the beginning (Guaranteed Program).

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Birth Certificate

The child’s birth certificate should be issued approximately a week after birth. The Ukrainian authorities will list the IPs as parents on the birth certificate.

our programs

Flexible 3 Attempts Program

This package has 3 attempts included; This means three transfers of two embryos in addition to all necessary medication and procedures, egg donor and surrogate mother compensation and coverage for prematurity expenditures. Top quality accommodation and legal assistance are also included. This package is the preferred choice of most of our clients. Read for more information...

Guaranteed Program

The Guaranteed Package includes all the features of the Standard Package with additional special features like unlimited embryo transfers, unlimited egg donations, coverage in case of abortion and cesarean section and PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) of 24-chromosomes. This package is the appropriate choice for couples who want to pay a certain amount and forget about possible unforeseen expenditures; These couples are focused in the final result no matter the circumstances. Read for more information....

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The prices of our surrogacy programs are fixed. The payments are done in several installments according to the development of the pregnancy. It is not necessary to pay the whole amount at once.

Nutrition: The Key

“We are what we eat”, so the saying goes. Here at Pons Medical Research we are utmost conscious about the certainty of this old saying. That is why we pay special attention to the nutrition of our surrogate mothers. Clean food, totally free of GMOs, fresh and mostly organic and natural. We deliver high quality grains, veggies and meats directly to the doors of our surrogate moms. All according to a personalized dietary plan that combines a balanced and rich diet with supplements of vitamins and minerals specially designed for pregnant women. Yes… nutrition is the key.

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Our assistance servises will provide you all the necessary advice that you may need!

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In Ukraine, surrogacy services have enjoyed worldwide popularity for many years thanks to a flexible and liberal legislation, great legal support, affordable prices and top quality medical services.

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Why Ukraine?

Pons Medical Research has selected Ukraine as the best possible destination in all aspects for Intended Parents from all around the world. A unique combination of highly advanced IVF Institutions, highly qualified health practitioners, state-of-the-art technology, healthy donors, dedicated surrogate mothers and competitive prices constitute for the ideal ingredients for a successful Surrogacy Program. Ukraine is a safe country with wonderful people and attractive places. Our location near the Black sea guarantees clean air and a healthy natural environment for pregnant women contributing to the optimal development and health of your future baby.


All our programs offer the possibility of performing the Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (popularly known as PGD) and it is included by default in the Guaranteed Program as part of the package. This test is a key element of our programs allowing for the selection of only viable embryos before the implantation takes place. Our exclusive PGS-NGS 360° can save precious time and resources. The use of PGS greatly reduces the possibility of a miscarriage and the corresponding setbacks that it entails.

our team

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Edel Pons Suarez

General Manager

Edel is a Cuban-born Medical Specialist with a Bachelor degree from the Atlantis Medical College (Oslo, Norway). In addition to his medical career he has previously participated in different projects in Spain (Vitoria), Cyprus (Paphos) and Cuba (Santiago de Cuba). Among previous projects we can mention the company EcoEnergo S. Coop with the aim of developing new energy sources with low ecological impact. In Cyprus, in collaboration with Cyprus Holistic Center, Edel started a small clinic offering anti-aging and advanced nutritional therapies. As a specialist in nutrition he realized that very little attention was paid to the nutritional status of the surrogate mothers participating in surrogacy programs. An entrepreneur by nature he decided to start his own medical company specialized in Reproductive Technologies and Anti-aging Cellular Technologies. In his free time Edel enjoys reading, listening classic music, and walking through nature. Edel is the General Manager of our company and the Head Coordinator of the Surrogacy Programs.

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Evgeny Dorinsky

Logistic and Coordination Manager

Eugene is an Expert (Magister) of Financial Management graduated from Odessa State Economic University in 2009.Already during his studies he was active and launched his own business. He later worked as a finance expert in several Ukrainian and Foreign banks. He has 5 years of experience in banking and 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His active personality, uncanny attention to details and brimming energy is a key aspect of our success. He is responsible for the execution of the coordination and logistic elements of the program and will be your first contact in each visit. He is also the main supervisor of the Surrogate Mothers and is in charge of the legal and assistance services.

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Nataly Yakovleva

Medical Manager

Nataly is a Medical Doctor with the specialization in Family Medicine. She graduated from the Odessa National Medical University in 2016, and passed her internship as a Doctor’s Assistant in the one of the best maternity hospitals of Odessa. Nataly is a member of the gynecologic-obstetrics circle and is author of different research works at the university. Nataly worked as a voluntary in a small village at Odessa region about a year. She is fond of embryology, genetics, obstetrics and reproductive medicine and actively attend medicine seminars and conferences. Nataly is married and has two small children, she knows how necessary is for a family to become parents and to give their love to a child. Nataly works currently as Medical Manager at Pons Medical Research.

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Katerina Pronina

Attorney Office

Katerina Pronina has a Master degree in Economy and Law and a Bachelor degree in English language from Odessa State University. Katerina will take care of the legal matters connected with the Surrogacy Program and will be your attorney in Ukraine until the completion of the program. As a matter of fact many procedures, communications, medical tests, etc. can´t be done without your assistance and your presence would be required for many simple tasks that are nonetheless totally necessary during the program. That´s the reason why the Intended Parents are required to appoint an attorney in Ukraine, especially for those months when they will be waiting in their home country for the birth of the baby and their continuous presence in Ukraine would be rather difficult or too expensive. Friendly, responsible, active and reliable, these are the main qualities of Katerina together with a faithful dedication to her work and clients that she appreciates more like a family to be served and helped.


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"It truly is an amazing feeling that my whole journey to motherhood has gone so well. It has changed my life forever and there is no possible way to say thank you for a beautiful gift like this. Thank you Pons Medical Research for making this happen and for making our dreams come true for (former) childless couples like us!"

Clara Greens
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“I'm super happy with the positive changes everyday. Every week, there's something in the news about a surrogate arrangement that has gone wrong in either Thailand, Mexico or Elsewhere. I'm really glad right now that I signed up with Pons Medical Research. You have all been exceptionally professional and helpful. Thank you such great professionalism.”

Mrs. & Mr. Tim Jones
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“ I just wanted to let you know that I love your focus on the relationship-based approach and the personalized support throughout my program. This is so true to my values as well. I feel fortunate to have been working with you to have my little family. Thanks Pons Medical Research.”

Jessica Vallejo
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“From when I first interacted with Pons Medical Research until today, the team has been very friendly and professional, addressing our questions and meeting our needs. You have an excellent team that not only delivers, but also makes us feel that you care about us very much.”

Sony Winrow
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“We have our daughter. Because of all of you, we have a family. You’ve guided us to our dream and we are forever grateful. You have warmed our hearts, warmed our souls, and with your lovely blanket gift, warmed our precious baby girl.”

Pearl Nadeson. Thank you, with love!
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“I want to thank you so much for all your help through this process! You were very patient and caring with me whenever I'd reach out to you with any questions or concerns. I'm also thankful to the surrogate.Thanks to you and everyone at Pons Medical Research for the amazing experience.”

Amber Barney

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