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Pons Medical Group takes very seriously the protection and confidential treatment of your personal data gained from you for your surrogacy or IVF program abroad. We are doing our best to prevent any unnecessary access to personal data of our Clients and we always take appropriate measures to protect your privacy and personal information in accordance with the EU GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation).

Every client should be aware that in our Group we work with highly-qualified specialists only, who have high degree in Medical, Legal or Philology fields (our translators and coordinators). That’s why we all understand how important is to keep safe the doctor-patient confidentiality and attorney-client privilege.

We collect your personal data only when it is needed and only for purposes of your treatment and representation of your interests by power of attorney overseas, when you are already at home. 

Surrogacy Golden Package

All our Clients at the moment of signature of the contract with us should also sign consent to Personal Data Processing, where it is specify how and for which purposes your personal data will be used. We are always open to our Clients, so we describe exactly which categories of Client’s data is collected and the storage period that is not longer than by the end of the surrogacy program.

This strong privacy policy allows us to secure personal information of our Clients from inappropriate or unauthorized access. All our movements are always confirmed by our Clients by e-mail, as we are trying to take into consideration our Client’s opinions in every possible situation that may happen during the period of surrogate mother’s pregnancy. All the data, collected from our Clients is totally secured and gathered in a specific electronic database, which is operated remotely from our usual place of working in a secured server, protected by the password, given personally to each member of our Team with different access to the data and with different rights inside this system.

All the documents, medical tests and analyses and the genetic data given to the Clinic performing the IVF treatment are also protected under the local regulation, such as the law of Georgia “On personal data protection” dated 28.12.11 (in case that your surrogacy program is performed in Georgia) and the law of Ukraine “On personal data protection” dated 01.06.10 (in case of treatment in Ukraine).

Our surrogates understand the confidentiality requirements of the process since we always inform them about the delicate nature of a surrogacy program. Moreover, the provisions about the necessity to keep strict confidentiality are included in the text of the surrogacy contract signed between the surrogate mother and the Intended Parents in front of Notary. Breaching of such provisions imply tough fines.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case that any question about data protection occurs. 

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