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Why should you sign a contract with Pons Medical?

Why should you sign a surrogacy contract with us?

First I would like to mention that I don’t pretend to list the usual reasons that you would find in other websites or company brochures. I want to have an honest conversation with you, to tell you the truth about the steps you are ready to take.

No, cheaper surrogacy cost is not better. Yes, I know you don’t have too much money, or maybe you have but you need to save, you have other plans and expenditures. But Surrogacy is not a field where you would like to save. Saving will come to a cost, a very heavy one. You pay low, then your child will be born in the cheapest hospital, the surrogate mother will get the cheapeast medicines, you will have the risk of malformation of the child because of not performing PGS and no harmony test… is really what you want? I am sure that the answer is NO.

Maybe the clinic you have chosen is not expensive, you feel lucky. But you don’t know the quality of the embryologist, you don’t know if the equipment is old or was bough second hand, you are just listening to beautiful statistics and promises of the marketing team or the coordinator, and after 2, 3, 4 embryo-transfer you have no results, you feel frustrated and you give up or change clinic/agency and start all over again after wasting thousands of Euros/Dollars.

Or maybe you are thinking about a surrogacy contract in Ukraine/Kenia or other cheap countries. You contact a Ukrainian agency and they show you beautiful donors, you are fascinated…what you don’t know is that in Ukraine donors are anonymous and after you select the beautiful one, another ordinary donor will be stimulated instead of the one you chose. Yes, I know, not all clinics in Ukraine are the same, probably not all of them are cheaters, but the risk is very high. And what is worse; people still flock to an infamous Ukrainian clinic that I will not mention here, even after that clinic was news all around the world for totally unethical practices and not only once!

And then come the times of processing the documents of the newborn children in your consulate, the final step. But your clinic is not a law company, it gives you some documents, you need to go to the consulate alone. In the best case somebody will assist you, maybe without experience, and because of small fails you will stay in the country 2 months, 3 months. You though you made a good deal, you saved 3000 Euros, but now you cannot sleep for two weeks, you don’t know how to go out of the situation, nobody is there to help you.

Or you can avoid these problems. By making a contract with us, you will save time and money and above all you will have peace of mind. We at Pons Medical Group are specialists in Reproductive Technologies and Family Law. We know which clinic is best, which maternity house is best, we know how to deal with legal issues. And we have prepared the best package of services for you, for your convenience and success.

Yes, we take care of you and we value your time and your money. Above all we are committed to help you from your landing to your take off because we feel a huge responsibility. It is your family and your future that are at stake and we, as co-creators of this future will always do our best, we will always be on your side. Your success is our success.

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