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What is surrogacy law?

Surrogacy law is not considered as a separate legal discipline or branch of law. For the moment surrogacy law can be defined as a set of law regulation, connected to the specific way of infertility treatment – surrogacy, when one woman agrees to get pregnant and carry a pregnancy for another person or persons, who cannot deliver baby by themselves because of medical reasons and who will become the newborn child’s parent(s) after birth.

There are numerous gaps in the legislation of many countries which demands the protection of the Parties of the surrogacy process at the contract level, instead of relying on the adequate protection from the specific legal framework. That’s why it is important to find a experienced surrogacy law firm that can help you to protect your own interests, interests of your future child, surrogate mother and your donor.


 Who is a surrogacy lawyer and why do you him?

A Surrogacy lawyer is a specialist in reproduction and fertility law. These specialists work in very specific conditions, all the time working somehow in the middle between medicine and law. Nowadays reproductive law is still under development, even in the countries where surrogacy and egg-/sperm-donation is allowed. That’s why particular attention should be paid to the content of surrogacy contract, as it will be crucial in case that any disputes between the parties of the agreement occur.

Another reason to have a surrogacy lawyer is to get a legal consultation about your specific case even before the program started. Frequently, surrogacy agencies offer surrogacy programs without any attention to the legal details, which entails high risks of delays after the baby’s birth. All Patients need to know, that even if they are ready to go out of their countries to undergo surrogacy overseas, in the end they are going to come back home with their babies and that can cause legal difficulties, as not all countries recognize a certificate of birth, issued by another country if surrogacy is involved. Usually a surrogacy agency is not responsible for how you will get home after the baby is born. Very few companies support Parents in the Consulate during the process of obtaining the citizenship and passport for their babies.

When signing a contract with Pons Medical Group, you can be sure, that we will take care of you and your babies until your trip back to your home country. We are always trying to do our best during the Consulate process and to speed-up the return of our Client to their homes.  

Finally, the surrogacy lawyer accelerates the surrogacy process enormously.

When all your documentation is in order, checked, translated, notarized, apostilled or legalized if necessary, obtaining the relevant documents for your newborn baby becomes faster and easier. Imagine what a big difference would make that instead of spending your time with your babies in the comfort of your home you would have to expend weeks and even months collecting and getting additional documents in order to get the passport of your children. To stay stranded during weeks and months in a foreign country can be quite an experience as you cannot return to your homeland until you get the passports of your newborns.

Pons Medical Group wish you good luck in your surrogacy journey and is always ready to help you with any legal issues on your way!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions appear.

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