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Postponed Parenthood

Postponed Parenthood

Nowadays, people want to make a good career, to have a good job and to be independent, both economically and socially. While being busy with their education and future career, unfortunately they put off marriage and then putt off childbearing.

Parenthood or career?

Today Postponed Parenthood has become one of the big problems people come across with. Researches confirm that there are nine times as many first births to women 35 and older than there were in past and the rate of first births to women in their 40s continues to grow. In 2012, among younger women – those under 30, and particularly, those under 20 years old- first births have actually declined.

Age and fertility

If you are healthy now, it does not mean that in future your health will be the same. Getting older can bring on health problems as our bodies change and you are more likely to have a difficult pregnancy. After 34, your chances of getting pregnant spontaneously without the help of reproductive endocrinology or fertility services, exponentially decline. Because with age the quality of egg and sperm becomes worse.

Men fertility does change with age. Age also changes sperm motility and affects the genetic quality of male sperm, which may cause decreased fertility and increase risk of some births defects. As for women, the age related loss of female fertility happens because both the quality and quantity of eggs gradually decline. As a woman gets older, more and more her eggs have either too few or too chromosomes. Most embryos with too many or too few chromosomes do not result in pregnancy and higher chance of miscarriage in older women.

Consequences of Postponed Parenthood

Men, and not only women, need to be aware of the ”reproductive consequences” of postponing parenthood.  As studies confirm, children born to older parents, may have developmental, hearing, speech or language problems. Compared to younger women, women more than 35 are at increased risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies (where the fertilized egg implants outside the womb), diabetes, high blood pressure, placental abnormalities, multiple births and C-section deliveries.


The solution for Postponed Parenthood could be sperm/eggs storage in young age and then using it in future via IVF procedures. Egg freezing, sperm freezing and embryo freezing are important options for preserving fertility in patients postponing pregnancy for personal or medical reasons. Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to preserve reproductive potential in women. Eggs are  harvested from your ovaries, frozen unfertilized and stored for later use. A frozen egg can be thawed, combined with sperm in a lab and implanted in your uterus (in vitro fertilization). Egg freezing/ sperm freezing might be an option if you are not ready to become parent now but want to try to ensure your ability to be a parent or have a biological child in the future.

So, it is better to prevent this problem and to have genetically your own child, then to make surrogacy or egg donation in future like the only way of treatment and having babies. And of course you should know, that egg donation, it may cost a lot in future, as infertility increases year by year and it will be more difficult and more expensive to use it.

We are ready to help!

Your solution for infertility may be surrogacy overseas, in this case our company “Pons Medical Research” in Georgia, which provides genetic and reproductive medical services to couples with serious infertility and medical problems. Our company can provide you with egg donor bank and surrogacy program. Our egg donors voluntarily agree to donate their oocytes for couples who may need it.  The donor oocytes from our Egg Donor Bank may be both frozen or received in the fresh cycle. In the most cases, we will use the second option. Because of high demand we constantly preparing donors for new programs, so your donor will be prepared especially for your program.

So, if you are thinking about Postponed Parenthood, do not wait more and do not hesitate, feel free to contact us for anytime, we will be glad to help you to fulfill your dream of becoming parents.

Author: Knarik Margaryan, Coordinator of Pons Medical Group

Postponed Parenthood

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