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Surrogacy Cost Georgia

Surrogacy cost Georgia

The cost of surrogacy programs in Georgia are fixed. The payments are done in several installments according to the development of the pregnancy. It is not necessary to pay the whole amount at once.

50 900$ With Your Eggs

53 900$ With Donor Eggs

Example of the Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

One of the best surrogacy programs we offer in our Georgian clinic is The Silver Surrogacy Program Georgia.

What Goes Into the Cost?

  1. Agency Fees: If you’re working with a surrogacy agency, they’ll handle most of the logistics for you. Their fees usually cover the services for matching you with a surrogate, counseling, and administrative support. These fees can range from $20,000 to $30,000.

  2. Surrogate Compensation: The surrogate’s compensation is often the largest part of the cost. In Georgia, a surrogate might be compensated anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000, depending on her experience and whether it’s a gestational or traditional surrogacy.

  3. Medical and Insurance Costs: These include the medical procedures for both the surrogate and the intended parents, such as IVF treatments, prenatal care, and delivery costs. This part can vary widely but generally ranges from $15,000 to $35,000. Insurance for the surrogate can also add to the costs, especially if complications arise.

  4. Legal Expenses: You’ll need legal services to establish the surrogacy agreement and parental rights. Legal fees can range from $10,000 to $15,000.

  5. Miscellaneous Costs: Don’t forget to account for possible travel expenses, maternity clothes, and any additional unexpected costs that might come up during the pregnancy.

Surrogacy cost is a matter of controversy, is it as cheap in Georgia or Armenia as everybody says? Does it mean that the quality is low and the risks are high?


Why is the price low?

Cost of surrogacy in Georgia

First, we need to point out that a Surrogacy program is a sum of many different costs. On one side we have all medical costs associated with the IVF procedures, genetic tests, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and all other medical costs before the pregnancy, plus the costs connected with the pregnancy care, consultations of the surrogate mother, monthly screenings, medicines, delivery, etc. And one the other side we have the Cost Surrogacy associated with the compensation of the donor of oocytes and the surrogate mother herself.

We can roughly say that the cost of a gestational surrogacy program can be divided into 2 equal parts, the compensation of the surrogate mother and the oocyte donor is around 50% of the cost, while the other 50% will be expended on the medical procedures, medical tests, pregnancy care, medicines, delivery and the profits of the specialized agency, the profits being not more than 10-15% of the whole Cost Surrogacy of the program.

From the data above, you can easily see that the main reason for a low-cost surrogacy in Georgia, Ukraine, or Armenia is a direct consequence of a much lower compensation for both the egg donor and the surrogate compared with the amounts paid, for instance, in the United States.



The cost of a Surrogate in the United States

The cost of a Surrogate in the United States starts from 75.000 USD, or 4 times more than in Georgia. The compensation of oocyte donors in Georgia is also around 5 times lower than in North America and other rich European countries.

Only in compensations, American couples can save 60.000 USD or more.

The medical expenditures are also lower albeit not in the same proportion. Medical equipment is overall expensive and has top quality in most Georgian and Armenian reproductive clinics. The prices of medical procedures are normally quite cheap for the local population but more expensive for foreign patients. In general, the Cost Of Surrogacy medical procedures is 2-3 times cheaper in Georgia or Armenia compared to the United States, including the cost of complex genetic and other specific medical tests.



Surrogacy agencies

Finally, surrogacy agencies in Armenia and Georgia do not ask for the extremely high fees that their American counterparts ask for. With quite affordable, even negligible fees according to American standards that may vary from 5000 USD to 10.000 USD, much lower than the 50.000 USD initial fee of most surrogacy agencies in America.

Making a quick calculation, you can easily conclude that starting a Surrogacy program in Georgia or Armenia will save you a huge amount of money in terms of the Cost Of Surrogacy, up to $100.000 for Americans.


But the big question is, will I succeed?

Will I have the same medical conditions I am used to?

Obviously not, but we can assure you that most IVF clinics in these countries keep themselves technologically updated. A big plus in this picture is that the staff working in these clinics are highly educated, trained in the most advanced medical techniques, and well-informed and updated about the most recent discoveries of reproductive medicine.

Will I have the quality I deserve if I apply for a Surrogacy program in Eastern Europe? Absolutely. Pons Medical Research specializes in Surrogacy programs in Georgia and Armenia. As an experienced company specializing in genetics and reproductive technologies, we perform all our procedures in line with the corresponding European standards, which translate to patient success and excellent service.


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