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Surrogacy Programs Comparison


Flexible 3 attemps


ServicesSilver/Flexible (3 attempts)Gold/Guaranteed
Embryo transfers3 embryo-transfer6 embryo-transfers
Payment to surrogate mother and oocyte´s donor
Change of surrogate mother
Minimum number of trips22
All necessary medicines
Medical fees in case of abortion and other complicationsAccording to medical expensesAccording to medical expenses
Medical fees in case of caesarian sectionAccording to medical expenses
Possibility to choose among different donors of oocytes
Accommodation (5 days x 2 visits)
Pediatrician care after the birthExtra CostExtra cost
PrematurityAccording to medical expenses According to medical expenses
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis(PGD) (24 chromosomes)3.000 USD3.000 USD
Selection of the sex of the baby (s) (if PGD selected) Not Possible
Transportation from/to Airport, Hotel, Clinic, etc.
All legal services
Interpretation services during the whole program
Assistance at the Intended Parents´ consulate


Silver/3 attempts


ProgramSilver/Flexible (3 Attempts)Gold/Guaranteed
Total Costask for a quoteask for a quote
Voluntary Extra payment for experienced surrogate mother2.000 USD2.000 USD
Twinsask for a quoteask for a quote
Additional Cycle6.240 USD (Ukraine) / 7.000 USD (Georgia)
Additional embryo-transfer1.800 USD (Ukraine) / 2.500 USD (Georgia)
Freezing of Sperm150 USD150 USD
In case of stimulation of Biological Mother (extended accommodation only)1.200 USD1.200 USD
Storage of Biological Material for 1 year330 USD330 USD
Compensation for surrogate mother in case of miscarriage/abortion600 USD/every month that the surrogate mother was pregnant600 USD/every month that the surrogate mother was pregnant