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How to save your youth and make it longer

How to save your youth and make it longer

The good nutrition and the limited sugar intake will save your youth and will help you to keep yourself in goodshape for long.

Pons Medical Research is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine with the best pediatricians; we understand Dietary Needs of a Pregnant Woman and needs of Nutrition during Pregnancy.

How does the age affect the metabolism? Are there any other ways to influence on it?

1) It’s not up to the calories, it’s up to the hormones.
Very often we can hear: “I used to eat cakes every night, but my stomach is always flat in the morning”. Everything you have eaten before was actively metabolized, but it changes as you get older.

The activity of some hormones decreases with age. There are two critical periods:
-After 30-32 years, the activity of sex hormones can decrease fourfold.
-After 45 years, it decreases from six to eight-fold.

The sooner you start to change eating behavior, the better. Remember, that your body can accumulate an experience of its wrong behavior because of your destructive habits. And some day your brain will stop to generate necessary quantities of important fat-burning hormones – endorphin, dopamine and serotonin. Changes in dietary patterns might reduce not only your emotional background and make you more happy and satisfied, but to make you younger and thinner. You will never feel sleepy or tired and your eyes will never hurt. Eating healthy you press the button of youth. Choosing an active lifestyle you change your hormonal balance. For example, when you start to dance, dopamine is produced. And endorphin is produced during crouching or stretching.

The main thing is that all these hormones depend on our activity.

When something unexpected and pleasant for us happens, serotonin increase and it could go on for the whole week. We lose our weight when we are in love because of hormones in our blood. It is necessary to understand how our bodies work at least owing to the possibility of using this knowledge for our health and figures. So, think about yourself at 20 years old and try to reproduce that feeling again.
2) All your happiness in food. Unfortunately, some people from adult generation prefer food instead of fun. What to do?
-Romance and passion in a pair
3) The last decrease in the amount of protein. With age, many people complain about the lack of appetite (for protein, not for sugar).
-This is due to a general decrease in metabolic reactions.
-Symptoms: a little protein, there is no satiety, a decrease in the activity of hormones, no fat burning.

The sugar as a main enemy of society

  1. Consumption of excessive amounts of sweets and products with a high glycemic index causes wrinkles!

British Journal of Dermatology writes that the consumption of sugar triggers a process of glycation, in which sugars are attached to proteins and form harmful molecules called “final glycation products.” They destroy the brain and damage the proteins collagen and elastin, which maintain the elasticity and density of the skin. The more sugar you consume, the more you destroy these proteins and aggravate wrinkles on your face.

Therefore, when you go to kill the fillers one more time, or use handfuls of collagen, work on the main link-remove a large amount of refined sugar from the diet. But even for fruit-dried fruit, you need to know the measure.

  1. “Final glycation products” are formed when eating food heated more than 120 degrees. Fried meat, potatoes, pies and desserts, grill including. The golden crust is the “final glycation products”. The most useful cooking methods: steaming, stewing and languishing. Fried food is not a daily meal, do not eat fried food more than 1-2 times a week.
  2. It is recommended to give the level of vitamins of group B to all women over 40-45 years.
    These vitamins are synthesized by the intestinal microflora. If you eat a lot of sugar, the quality of the microflora worsens (yeast reproduce) and there is no synthesis of such important vitamins.
  3. “Final glycation products” provoke inflammation in the vessels. Ultimately, this is the risk of strokes. Remind parents with arterial hypertension about the complete elimination of added sugar. No medicine will work if you provoke oxidative stress throughout the body.

Pons Medical Research is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine with best pediatricians; we understand Dietary Needs of a Pregnant Woman and the importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy. Pons Medical research will help you to become parents even in very difficult conditions.


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