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How to select your surrogacy provider and which country to opt for?

How to select your surrogacy agency and which country to opt for?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects that a couple should look at when searching for a surrogacy agency. Thus, the 2 most important aspects when heading for surrogacy is to first chose the right country and then select the right surrogacy provider. Again, it is very important to research more and more, before getting into any decision, since this is one of the most important decisions in life.


In the recent years, Georgia has witnessed a massive growth of surrogacy services, supported by the transparent laws of Georgia which welcomes foreigners from all around the world.


Surrogacy may not be the original wish for a couple who decides to grow their family, however  the normalization of this practice and the encouragement and support of the Georgia government have opened the gates of hope for intended parents in Georgia. The increasing number of surrogacy agencies in Georgia often leaves interested couples confused about where to go and what options are best for them.


Georgia enjoys worldwide popularity thanks to its modern technologies at affordable cost. Large international companies and many famous fertility specialists are offering all sorts of services for commercial surrogacy, such as egg donation and recruiting of surrogate mothers.


In recent years, many surrogacy consultancies and clinics have emerged all around Georgia that help future parents throughout the surrogacy process. And, as surrogacy is illegal in many countries; these agencies act as a bridge between the future parents and the parties involved, as for example, fertility clinics, egg donors and specialized lawyers in the country of destination.


Here are some important checkpoints to take into account before you determine which surrogacy agency is eligible:
#1 The countries they work with.

#2 If the clinic they work with is a reputable one.

#3 If you can personally meet the surrogate mother and egg donor.

#4 Are their lawyers specialized in family law and surrogacy?

#5 Are their cost too low? Are they offering surrogacy with a “sale” approach strategy?

#6 Which maternity house they work with.

#7 If they perform the relevant genetic tests to avoid miscarriage or genetic diseases of the future children.


You should thoroughly study the contracts of these consultancies and understand what is included and what is not included in the basic services.


In order to carefully choose the right surrogacy agency Georgia and complete the process peacefully, there are few basic indicators that are essential to follow:
Reputed surrogacy agencies will never advice you to make all your payments in cash. Instead, they will offer you multiple reliable payment options, such as using cards or international bank transfers. Bank transfers and card payments give you a solid transactional history supervised by your bank itself, as a third party. It will save you from situations of unnecessary or unavoidable conflicts. Some reputed clinics like Pons Medical Research even offer payment arrangements in the country of origin of the couple and help the couple avoid the inconveniences of international transfers.


Another threat associated with cash payments, is theft or robbery. In addition, carrying cash over the international borders is itself a set of issues. Every country has their own cash transportation limits for travelers, hence in case you are planning to carry a bigger amount you will have to go through the hassle of declaration submission and other related documentation. 


You will find many clinics that will offer you lower rates than the market price, but remember these clinics generally have a contract with older pregnant women rejected by reputed agencies or pregnant women who live in unsafe areas. They offer lower than optimal medical care and use outdated technology. The risks in such case are very high, among others the possibility of giving birth of a sick child, genetic syndromes and prematurity. Sometimes the reason for lower prices is skimming on the care for the surrogate during her pregnancy.


Your price chart for surrogacy generally consists of surrogate compensation, lodging, boarding, transportation, medical facilities, medicines, pregnancy supervision and all legal expenses. However, do not forget that there are other charges as well, which are not included in the basic price of the surrogacy agency. 

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