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IVF Clinic

IVF Clinic

“Innova” is a multi-purpose clinic that opened in Tbilisi in October 2015 and offers patients a comfortable space and highly professional services. “Innova” was established as a result of the joint presence of doctors and representatives of business areas.

The clinic has a high-tech diagnostic center, 8 available units, reanimation for 30 places, stationary for 70 places.

“Innova” has the latest equipment and modern standards of the medical service.

The “Innova” united highly-qualified specialists in neurosurgery, orthopedics-traumatology, gynecology, general and plastic surgery, bariatrics, cardiology, neurology, reproduction, mammology, endocrinology. The clinic has a radiological service, CT scan, a hormonal laboratory, X-rays, ultrasound and DXA densitometric diagnostic devices.

In July 2016, in partnership with a network of Spanish clinics a reproductive health and invitro-fertilization clinic “Innova-Invitro” was opened under the leadership of Dr. Ketevan Osidze.

The IVF clinic is an important platform for the development of medical services in Georgia, where operations are carried out by both Georgian and foreign-invited specialists.

Despite the young age, the clinic has already gained the trust of patients not only in Georgia, but also abroad. Based on European standards of infertility treatment, as well as many years of doctor’s experience, “Innova Invitro” daily helps childless couples to gain the happiness of parenthood. We are very proud to cooperate with such professionals in Georgia!

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