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Bronze Program

The Bronze Surrogacy Program in Armenia is designed for couples who have generated embryos before starting their surrogacy journey. If you have embryos in a clinic abroad or in your home country and would like to use them, we recommend this surrogacy program in Armenia.   

The “Bronze Package” features one embryo transfer, professional pregnancy care, comprehensive legal help, delivery in private maternity hospital and assistance in getting the passport of the baby. We offer comprehensive legal services to our surrogacy clients, in fact we are the only surrogacy company in Armenia that provides professional legal assistance in addition to the most common task of signing contracts with a surrogate mother, egg donation and the like. We help our clients navigate the intricacies of registering the baby with the appropriate embassy and obtaining its travel documents. Our team of lawyers specialises in family law and surrogacy.

Package Features

BRONZE Surrogacy Program

Available in: Armenia

Suitable for: married couples who have ready-made embryos abroad (created during previous IVF procedures)

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