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IVF Program in Georgia

Our company is offering IVF+PGS and egg donation for 8.500 Euros

The package includes: ICSI, donor of oocytes, storage of embryos for 6 months, PGS of 24 chromosomes and first embryo-transfer.  All medicines and medical tests are included.

In case that egg donation is not necessary, we will make a discount of 1.000 Euros.

The egg donation procedures, as well as the ICSI are done in our clinic in Georgia.

The cost of additional embryo-transfers is 1.600 Euros including medicines.

Personal assistance, interpretation and lawyer consultation included.

Possibility of the stimulation of the Intended Mother, in such case it is required that the Intended Mother stays 2 weeks in Georgia (Tbilisi).

Genetic Counseling included. 


Benefits of PGS

  •  PGS can predict which embryos are viable, so we will transfer only those ones that have a real possibility to survive and become healthy children. 
  •  PGS saves time. By transferring only viable embryos, we discard the the implantation of unhealthy embryos that would otherwise lead to miscarriages or abortions.
  • PGS saves money. By performing the embryo-transfer of viable embryos only you can save money, since you will avoid paying for embryo-transfers that will not end in a successful pregnancy.
  • PGS increases pregnancy rate. Because only viable embryos will be transferred there is more probabilities to get a pregnancy after first attempt. In general, the chances to get a pregnancy after PGS when transferring two embryos is 70-80%.
  • PGS prevent the birth of children with chromosomal diseases such as Down syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome.
  • PGS avoid unnecessary suffering of the surrogate mother as miscarriage, abortions and other complications will be have less chance to occur. 
  • PGS is not a panacea but it is a really helpful tool that has become affordable and accessible in recent years.




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