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Surrogacy in Georgia Overview and Benefits

Surrogacy isn’t without its problems, but the advantages outweigh them, and the procedure is well worth it for both intended parents and surrogates. The establishment of a family in a situation where none previously existed is one of the most compelling arguments in favor of Surrogacy. Surrogacy in Georgia fulfills a lifetime desire for intended parents by […]

In the Pursuit of Parenthood: Surrogacy Agencies

Wanting to have a child is something shared by many. However, for some, it’s not as simple because of infertility, health issues, or timing. Surrogacy has become a reliable option for those having trouble conceiving. Beyond support, Surrogacy Agencies are the ones that help and guide intended parents and surrogates throughout their journey. In Georgia, these agencies […]

Surrogacy in Georgia: Timeframes & Surrogate Mother Waiting Time

Intended parents deserve the best possible service, after years of trying to conceive naturally or by other means, they expect a good and time-efficient service. Surrogacy is a very long process in itself. Therefore, the process of matching intended parents with a surrogate should not take very long. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. […]

Surrogacy in Israel

surrogacy IVF in Israel

Israel is a country, where Bible formula “be fruitful and multiply” works in the best way. Traditional values, such as creation of family and having children, combined with the modern technologies, which make possible to become parents even in the most difficult cases of infertility, create extremely good legal and medical base for IVF and […]

Surrogacy in Europe. Is surrogacy in Portugal legal?

surrogacy in Portugal

Surrogacy in Portugal is one of the most controversial topics during already almost 15 years. From one side the government voted for quite friendly legislation, from the other side all these initiatives were abolished by the Constitutional Court as contravening the Constitution. Usage of assisted reproductive technologies as a way of infertility treatment is regulated […]

Surrogacy in Germany

surrogacy maternity house in Germany

Germany’s health care system is known as one of the best in the whole world. Many people from abroad come to Germany for treatment or surgery, seeking for the highest-qualified specialists in a certain area. Unfortunately, such kind of infertility treatment as surrogacy and IVF with egg-donation is still unavailable in this country, most of […]

Surrogacy in Norway

surrogacy in Norway

The number of infertile couples in Norway is visibly growing from year to year. The clearest evidence to this was the statistic provided by the state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) that declared the decline of the women’s fertility rate from 1.71 children per woman in 2016 to 1.62 in 2017 and the decline in […]

Surrogacy in Spain

surrogacy in Spain

Spain is one of the most incredible countries in the World with lovely people and wonderful patisseries, beautiful architecture, impressive nature and high-quality life standards. Unfortunately, when we are talking about surrogacy, the picture is not so good. In our experience Embassies of Spain all over the World are the most ”picky” related to cases […]

Surrogacy conflicts: why do they exist?

Surrogacy conflicts

Surrogacy is not a totally regulated field of Law. There are a lot of gaps in legislation, either in the countries, where surrogacy is allowed or banned. Referring to the surrogacy field, we need to remember that it is quite a young method of infertility treatment, for example gestational surrogacy is used from the end […]

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