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Surrogacy in Georgia

Welcome to sunny Georgia! Benefits of new healthcare destination

Surrogacy in Georgia is a good choice for all couples, who are searching for good quality treatment with fair prices.

What is Georgia?

Pons Medical Research Team invite you to join us and to feel all benefits of Surrogacy in Georgia!

Georgia is a country, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia’s total area makes up 69,700 square kilometers. Georgian is the official language in Georgia, a country of 3,500,000 with a semi-presidential system as its form of government. The lari (GEL) is Georgia’s official currency.

Georgia has in fact lost two regions as result of ethnic conflicts, but currently, there is a peaceful situation in our country. Moreover, Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is considered to be one of the most safe cities in the world. In addition, terrorist attacks don’t happen here and it is absolutely safe for pedestrians to walk in the city at any time of day or night.

Popular tourist destination

Today’s Georgia is the tourist destination with a great potential. Dizzying mountains, healing air, excellent wine and friendly people will surely make you feel at home. Here in Georgia there is a very tangible feeling of how history and modernity are all tightly woven together. Hospitable Georgian people cordially meets guests, it has much to show to the guests and has much to be proud of. Historically all visitors in Georgia are considered as messengers of the Gods, so don’t doubt that you will have an unforgettable trip in the Caucasus.

However, not only tourism is considered as visit card of this mysterious country. We invite you to discover the benefits of Georgian healthcare with Pons Medical Research. In the world of advanced reproductive technologies (ART), IVF and Surrogacy is now a common treatment path. There are many resources to help you find your way through the process of Surrogacy in Georgia.

Infertility treatment in Georgia

In Tbilisi, we cooperate with the most experienced IVF-clinics that are equipped with the latest, ultramodern devices from European and American manufacturers with its diagnostic facilities. Our medical facilities offer complex examination to gynecology and andrology patients and infertile couples to identify the root cause of their conditions. We offer a full range of infertility treatments, including intrauterine insemination of sperm, in vitro fertilization, Surrogacy in Georgia, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, egg donation, PGD and the transfer of frozen embryos.

Our specialists

Our doctors have more than 18 years’ experience in the diagnosis and infertility treatment. We are very proud that we work with the best doctors in Tbilisi. Our doctors have given a birth to the first babies using the surrogate motherhood method in Georgia. Additionally, our specialists can help you to find a surrogate mother who has been screened and approved to carry a surrogate pregnancy. Most importantly, our surrogacy specialist will work with you to discuss your goals and find a possible surrogate candidate based on your wishes and her experience.

Surrogacy legislation in Georgia

We would like to mention that legislation in Georgia is very friendly for surrogacy programs. Since 1997 ovum and sperm donation and surrogacy in Georgia are legal. According to the Georgian law, a donor or surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child born. Also, unlike the Ukrainian legislation, egg-donors are not anonymous and you can personally meet them.

Birth certificate of a baby

In case of the child born by a surrogate mother, the couple will be registered as parents of the child. Even in case that an embryo was obtained from an egg from a donor is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother, the couple will be deemed as legal parents of the child. The birth certificate will be issued immediately after the child’s birth, within 1 day.  Information about the surrogate mother is not specified in the birth certificate. It means that the birth certificate of the child born by a surrogate mother does not differ from the birth certificates of other children.

Consent of the surrogate mother is not required for registration of the infertile couple as parents. The following will be required for registration of the couple as parents: Surrogacy Agreement made by the couple, certificate of embryo transfer into the uterus of the surrogate mother issued by the IVF clinic and certificate of the fact of childbirth issued by maternity hospital.

Above all, the parents will have a right to take their child to their country any time after the child certificate has been issued.

Welcome to Georgia!

In conclusion, it must be said that Georgia is one of the best choices for a surrogacy process because of the favorable legislation and possibility to receive a high-qualified medical care for a very reasonable price without mentioning the beauties of the country that are unique and breathtaking.

If you still have any questions after having read this article please feel free to ask.

Pons Medical Research Team is ready to provide you any information about Surrogacy in Georgia.

Author: Sukhanova Anna, legal adviser of Pons Medical Group

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