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Monitoring of Surrogate Mothers

The monitoring of the surrogate mother during pregnancy is an essential part of a surrogacy program. The monitoring is explicitly mentioned in our contract.

How is the Monitoring performed?

The monitoring involves three levels of intervention:

First line monitoring

First level involves a phone call every three days to the surrogate mother to check her health and psychological status, nutrition and overall living situation. This level, called “first line monitoring” also implies that the surrogate mother will contact the coordinator immediately if something unusual occurs. In case of some complication, the surrogate mother is taken to the hospital in the shortest time and a treatment is implemented to address any possible complication.

Second line monitoring

The second level or “second line monitoring” involve a plan of medical visits during the pregnancy period. Every month the surrogate will visit the gynecologist to monitor the development of pregnancy. Photos and video recordings will be taped in order to create a comprehensive medical report for the intended parents. Blood tests are also performed routinely as well as a brief visit to the psychologist to evaluate the mental health of the surrogate. In case that some complication is detected, the protocol of the “first line monitoring” is activated and the surrogate is taken to the hospital for further evaluation or treatment. If the complications are not serious, as for example, a vitamin deficiency, the gynecologist will prescribe the necessary supplements or medications.

The “second level monitoring” lasts for the whole pregnancy period. From the nutritional point of view, the second level of monitoring involves monthly sessions with a nutritionist to evaluate the food intake of the surrogate mother so that it corresponds with the standards of nutrition under pregnancy, implying enough intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, etc. as well as negligible intake of harmful food, like trans-fats, sugar, and industrial caned products. We also discourage the consumption of industrial poultry and other meats with high level of hormones or antibiotics and a high level intake of vegetables, eggs, white fresh fish, healthy whole grains and fresh fruits.

Third line monitoring

Finally the third level or “third line monitoring” involves random visits to the surrogate mother to evaluate her living conditions in-situ. It also involves the indications of random blood tests to detect the use of toxic substances, drugs, etc. These tests are done every three months. The surrogate mother is not warned beforehand and it can happen at anytime.

With the implementation of our three levels of monitoring we assure optimal living and health conditions for the surrogate mother during pregnancy. We also assure that any health complication is addressed in a timely manner. Constant monitoring also contributes to the psychological stability of the surrogate mothers, as they will feel guided and protected during this difficult period.

Human life is the most precious treasure, that’s why, we at Pons Medical Group, perform exhaustive testing and monitoring during pregnancy to guarantee successful deliveries and happy and healthy children.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions appear.

Author: Edel Pons, General Director of Pons Medical Group


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