surrogacy IVF in Israel
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Surrogacy in Israel

Israel is a country, where Bible formula “be fruitful and multiply” works in the best way. Traditional values, such as creation of family and having

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Monitoring of Surrogate Mothers

The monitoring of the surrogate mother during pregnancy is an essential part of a surrogacy program. The monitoring is explicitly mentioned in our contract. How

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The Harmony Test

During pregnancy our surrogate mothers will make a lot of tests and screenings that can be tiring and irritating. That is why we want you

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surrogacy maternity house in Germany
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Surrogacy in Germany

Germany’s health care system is known as one of the best in the whole world. Many people from abroad come to Germany for treatment or

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surrogacy in Norway
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Surrogacy in Norway

The number of infertile couples in Norway is visibly growing from year to year. The clearest evidence to this was the statistic provided by the

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